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Le Figaro, France

Why the Economy Is Against Romney

By Jean-Sébastien Stehli

Translated By Lindsey Cambridge

6 October 2012

Edited by Gillian Palmer

France - Le Figaro - Original Article (French)

Mitt Romney has never held up two days in a row. After having won the duel with Barack Obama in Denver, he could rejoice in having earned a little favor. Boom! Friday, the unemployment rate fell to 7.8 percent. It’s the lowest unemployment rate in four years. There are now as many jobs in the United States as there were when Barack Obama took office and since his election, 4.3 million jobs have been created. In a country that votes with its wallet, this news is evidently good for Obama, especially after Pinocchio Romney’s untruths put out the eye of the so-called moderator, Jim Lehrer, during the debate, who put himself on auto-pilot and sailed far from Denver. As if that wasn’t enough, the month of September was particularly profitable for the 44th president: $181 million. More than half of those donations are under $200. Romney can rejoice in having won the debate in the spirit of spinmeisters, but it’s not over for him. Far from it.

Yet Barack Obama has played a part in helping the Republican campaign, to such an extent that the prominent English historian Simon Schama publicly asked whether Obama didn’t voluntarily sink himself. How to understand, indeed, why Obama didn’t react when Romney accused him of lying by stating that the Republican candidate proposed lowering taxes for the rich, when that has been a political aspect of conservatives for over 40 years? Inexplicable.

Evidently Romney, who now believes he has won and was encouraged by the president’s passivity in the face of so many untruths (euphemism), now accuses the Bureau of Labor Statistics of having fiddled with the unemployment figures. It’s the first time that such accusations have been brought against a branch of the Labor Department, whose credibility is indisputable, says Matthew Yglesias of Slate. But the good statistics undermine the principal argument of Mr. 47 Percent’s campaign, according to whom the economy has been damaged under Barack Obama’s leadership. Obama can’t recall himself, but we would expect a little modesty on the part of the (Republican) party that brought the country to its knees and worked shamelessly against the interests of even its citizens by opposing federal government investments in large projects such as, for example, the fast train between Tampa and Orlando that would have created several thousand jobs in the state of Florida, one of states most affected by the crisis caused by the previous Republican administration and backed by the ineffable Mr. Greenspan. A worshipper of Ayn Rand, Greenspan would be worthy of being hung by his feet if the citizens remembered.

Americans, more intelligent and wiser than Europeans, will differentiate between the honesty and stillness of one side and the verbal assault against the truth of the other. There is one month to go before Romney goes back to his offshore bank accounts.



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