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Den Korte Avis, Denmark

Emails Uncover Obama’s Failure
To Save His Ambassador in Libya

By Bernard Tanggård

Translated By Anne Thye

30 October 2012

Edited by Mary Young


Denmark - Den Korte Avis - Original Article (Danish)

The United States ambassador to Libya and three other members of the U.S diplomatic mission were killed in Libya on Sept. 11 this year.

At the time, several sources reported that the notorious anti-Islamic film “Innocence of Muslims” was the cause of the murders. Other sources, including this paper, pointed out that this had to be an all-encompassing lie made to cover up what really happened during the assault. This latter claim has now been reinforced by new material uncovered in this case.

This account is, in the first place, a terrible tale of an American ambassador and his three employees who were brutally lynched to death in a country that is supposedly a good example of the success of the Arab spring.

At the same time, it is also the story of an American administration, with President Obama in charge, which has to a large extent fallen to its knees in the face of Islamic fundamentalism.

We Knew The Truth All Along

At best, the president and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were incredibly naive when they proclaimed the film to be the cause of the riots. But unfortunately so much evidence has been uncovered showing this explanation to be not just false, but a consciously-fabricated lie, that few people believe in the president’s noble intentions anymore.

The backdrop for the following is the newly published emails to the American State Department, which have proved to be incredibly interesting. In these emails it is revealed that in the White House “Situation Room,” they were already aware at 4:00 p.m. — half an hour after the riot in Benghazi had started — of the circumstances linked to the ongoing aggression and knew that they were dealing with a terrorist attack.

Furthermore, it is now apparent that a desperate cry for help in the form of immediate military assistance to the embassy was rejected by Washington. This rejection proved fatal for the four Americans.

Help Was Near — But Never Sent For

Had the president wished to help, the opportunity was definitely there. In southern Italy, less than 800 km from Benghazi, the American military has both planes and a range of special units ready for use.

They could have been in Benghazi less than two hours after the emergency call was made. But Obama did not send help, and while he himself went to bed early that evening to be ready for the next day’s campaign rally in Las Vegas, four of his employees were gruesomely murdered by jihad warriors on a rooftop in Libya.

And as if it is not bad enough that the American government immediately fabricated the story of the Muhammad film being behind it all, these days Hillary Clinton’s behavior points to a scary development in American foreign policy.

Freedom of Expression in Danger in America

While other countries, often small (such as Denmark under Fogh Rasmussen), time and again sacrifice blood, sweat and even business in the fight to ensure freedom of expression, which more than anything else represents the free world, the United States under Obama has become a land that apologizes for itself, its identity and its principles of freedom.

Three days after the murders, the secretary of state told the father of one of the victims, “We’re going to have that person arrested and prosecuted that did the video.” It was the intention of the Obama administration to arrest the man behind the Muhammad film.

Not only did the film have no connection whatsoever to the attack (and Clinton knew this all along, as mentioned above), but we have here the American administration — a leader of the free world — in the midst of what looks like an attempt to please extremist Muslims and radical Middle Eastern governments, promising to arrest American citizens who commit the crime of exercising freedom of expression.

The official reasons for the arrest were broken bail terms, as the man was not allowed computer or Internet access for five years starting in 2009. These were the conditions for his early release from prison, where he had been serving a sentence for bank robbery.

Mission Accomplished

The man behind the film was, as promised, arrested and, contrary to custom, the arrest was not at all discrete. A large team of police officers, along with members of the press, were present as 55-year-old Egyptian-born instructor Nakoula Basseley Nakoula was detained.

And so the world — at least the Islamic fundamentalist one — got exactly what Obama and Clinton deemed necessary. It seems that their agenda had the following aims: first, to cover up a terrorist attack and a Libya and Middle Eastern policy gone wrong; secondly, to find a scapegoat to shoulder the responsibility of the chaos that ensued; and thirdly, to display benevolence toward the Arab world when it comes to striking down those who insult Islam.

So while the president talks about Big Bird and bayonets, he must hope that this story does not blow up right in his face before the election in a week's time. And blow up it will, if only it gets a touch of the attention it deserves in the American media.



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