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Panama America, Panama

The Change in an Election

Translated By Kate Wheeler

8 November 2012

Edited by Heather Martin

Panama - Panama America - Original Article (Spanish)

For the second consecutive election, the Republican Party of the United States lost the presidential election in the state of Florida.

What happened? It was expected that Cuban-Americans in the south of Florida would en masse vote for Mitt Romney, but this wasn’t the case.

Why? A Republican president would surely toughen economic sanctions against Cuba.

In the case of Cubans who no longer have ties to the island, they are increasingly supporting the small changes that Barack Obama has made in regard to restrictions in Cuba.

Family-related travel to Cuba, sending remittances in small amounts andother changes would be lost if Romney won.

Cuban-Americans who have ties with the island are concerned that stricter economic sanctions against their motherland would harm their families.

In addition, the Puerto Rican community, the Mexican, the Brazilian and others are not interested in the issue of Cuba.

They simply worry about getting jobs, paying their mortgages, credit cards and getting out of the recession.

For no reason other than the irony of life the U.S. has maintained an economic blockade against Cuba for 50 years, using the excuse that the country isn’t a democracy. However, it does not do anything against Communist China.

It is obvious that the gigantic Chinese market and its ability to produce cheap items for the United States forces the U.S. to swallow its words in comparison to Cuba.

The third generation of Cuban-Americans wants a change in their nation, the U.S., the nation where they now have relatives.

Even though Cuba has made small steps to change its economic system — perhaps to reduce the size of the government — it still has a long way to go.

One area where Cuba could begin to make changes: allowing its citizens to travel. You have to start somewhere.



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