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Nawai-Waqt, Pakistan

A Review of American President
and Presidential Nominee Policies

Now, even after the 2012 elections, American policies will not change in Congress, the CIA or the Pentagon.

Translated By Mariam Khalid

27 October 2012

Edited by Kath­leen Weinberger

Pakistan - Nawai-Waqt - Original Article (Urdu)

American President Barack Obama and presidential nominee Mitt Romney have both agreed during the presidential debates to continue the aggressive policies against Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and other Muslim countries. This is not only alarming for these countries and their governments, but also for the army generals. For this reason, it is necessary to adopt a new national security policy, to build national understanding and to pass unanimously – or at least with a majority – a representation policy in the parliament, as national security has been challenged. This should also be put up in front of the nation for discussion and resolution.

President Obama and Republican Mitt Romney have agreed to continue the drone attacks against Pakistan. Northern Waziristan and tribal areas will remain targets of American and NATO aggression and will continue to fight for the solidarity and national security of Pakistan. No matter which president the American nation elects, it has been decided that NATO and America will continue its military strikes against Pakistan. However, they will not yet disclose this decision as a matter of foreign policy. However, they will keep pressuring the Pakistani politicians and army generals. Clearly, America has already planned to displace the patriotic tribes, kill women and children, destroy houses, shops, businesses, schools, and farms sooner or later in Northern Waziristan. The point is to engage Northern Waziristan Mujahedeen (who are also waging jihad in Afghanistan as Haqani and other jihadi networks) as well as the local tribes with the Pakistani army in a limited or open conflict, which intensifies animosity, hatred and rivalry between these groups. This will increase tension in Pathan soldiers present in the Pakistani army and, as a result of these conflicts in the army, Pakistan will not be able to retaliate against any attack from India. The purpose of these drone attacks is not to undermine terrorist fighters but to increase rebellious sentiments in the tribal region against Pakistan, its leadership, its army and the Constitution of Pakistan (which is responsible for protecting the lives and honor of these people) because the army generals and the current government have failed in the national foreign policy to protect the tribal region from the NATO and American attacks. These are the bitter yet true facts. The burned pieces of flesh of these innocent tribal children and women incite retribution among the survivors. This is the American conspiracy to provoke violence within Pakistan to destroy it.

It is obvious from the American strategy and policy that it is aggressively using the “carrot and stick” approach. Restoring the NATO supply line, releasing Raymond Davis, ignoring national resolutions in the parliament that are approved by the army generals, continuing drone attacks, the Salala attack and the Osama operation all reveal the real American strategic operation. Now, even after the 2012 elections, American policies will not change in Congress, the CIA or the Pentagon. It is useless to expect a change from the Pakistani government and its advisers. Electing a new leadership by voting is the responsibility of a nation, but it is time to decide whether Pakistan should remain a slave of American policies or should face the aggressive American policies with dignity, respect and honor.



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