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El Mundo, El Salvador

Will Obama’s Charisma Be
Enough To Move Forward?

It will take more than the charisma of Barack Obama to run a government well and to pull the United States out of the grave economic crisis that it is facing.

Translated By Alan Bailey

7 November 2012

Edited by Eric Schallock

El Salvador - El Mundo - Original Article (Spanish)

On Tuesday, Barack Obama won his re-election and reiterated his promises of change, revitalization of the troubled U.S. economy, and improvement in the lives of the middle class and minorities, who favored him overwhelmingly with their votes.

However, Obama will need more than the charisma that allowed him to win the election with his many good speeches. The United States faces one of the worst economic crises in its history, and many of the promises from his first term have been dashed.

That is how it’s been with the promised comprehensive immigration reform. On the contrary, deportations have increased considerably, and in El Salvador we receive thousands of our fellow citizens each month.

The danger is that hope for, and great expectations of, Obama will result in frustration and disappointment. Obama has lacked the capacity for understanding and suffers a political blockade from his opponents in the legislature. The election results for Congress and the Senate will force him to negotiate with the Republicans.

The U.S.'s deficit problems and its spending cuts could harm economic growth, and our exported products and the payments that we receive will, without a doubt, be affected. The United States continues to face critical times, and its sneezes cause serious sickness in El Salvador due to our enormous economic dependency.



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