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Quotidiano Nazionale, Italy

Obama Did Not Win;
Romney Lost

By Cesare De Carlo

Translated By William Tew

9 November 2012

Edited by Natalie Clager

Italy - Quotidiano Nazionale - Original Article (Italian)

Dr. De Carlo,

Allow me to express my disappointment. For another four years I will see that man in the White House. After these there will likely be four more years, if not eight, with Hillary Clinton as president.

In your comments on the result of the election you made note that the American economy was not only suffering, but worse during the first term of this administration. Yet they have reaffirmed him. At the end of the comment you raise the question of how this has been possible. Well then, I wonder too, and I wonder why Democratic candidates are always acclaimed abroad, but Republicans derided, challenged, hated and met with absolute prejudice.

It's easy enough to remember the Nobel Prize which was awarded without anything to merit it. If some of these men had been in office in 2001, I would have just liked to see their reaction...

To conclude I hope that the United States does not become ever more similar to Europe, a weak continent that does not thwart possible threats that lie upon its road.

And meanwhile Israel is more and more alone...

Magni Marco

*** *** ***

Dear Magni,

I began by saying that Barack Hussein Obama did not win. The Republican Mitt Romney lost. He did not take into account the fact that in these last years the composition of the American electorate changed. Today Hispanics, that it to say the legal immigrants from South America, are 60 million of a total population of 300 million. The illegals, who do not have the right to vote, are another 12 million.

Behind the Hispanics come the Asians: another 15 million legal and at least 5 million illegal.

Well, the Hispanics and the Asians voted 73 percent for the incumbent president. The failed strategy of Romney alienated these voters — if he were elected he would put in a rigorous immigration policy. It did so much to alarm all those who intended to bring family, parents and friends to their new, adopted country.

The rest of the coalition that voted for Obama was composed of Jews, around 7 million; African Americans (the politically correct definition of black Americans), around 40 million; gays and lesbians, at least 15 million; single women; and obviously the liberals of the Democratic Party.

During Wednesday's vote an image of a new, multi-ethnic America emerged. The white vote was recorded with 62 percent in favor of Mitt Romney.

The America of the second decade of the millennium is no longer that which elected Reagan and Bush senior in the ‘80s and ‘90s and not even that of the aughts, which elected Bush Jr. It is increasingly less Anglo-Saxon and more Latin American.

And heed well that in Italy something similar will happen soon. The immigrants, mostly Muslims, will soon be enough to shape politics. Their birth rate is seven to eight times greater than that of Italians, who will have less and less say in political decisions.

Gadhafi lamented, "We will conquer Europe through the bellies of our women." Now when I look at it like that, hell, we have to acknowledge that he was right.



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