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Le Soir d'Algerie, Algeria

Uncle Sam against Sam the Uncle

By Maamar Farah

Translated By Georgina O'Neil

7 November 2012

Edited by Jane Lee

Algeria - Le Soir d'Algerie - Original Article (French)

Four years ago, we welcomed Obama's election win with great satisfaction following the reign of terror of a certain Bush junior. It goes without saying that the first black president in the history of the United States doesn't have as twitchy a finger on the trigger as his predecessor, but if he were in a Western film, he would be more like the local pastor who preaches peace yet encourages war!

Before his arrival, there were one or two conflicts that dragged on, and which we knew were already lost for the Yankees, as usual. Plus, there was the eternal Palestinian question.

At a time when Obama's mandate has been renewed, everything is a mess all the way from the Atlantic to the [Persian] Gulf, while, for the first time, an American president has nonetheless recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel! That is why, seen from this point of view, this election seems dull and one-dimensional: it's Uncle Sam against Sam the Uncle, and the victory of one or the other won't bring peace to the Arabic people dominated by a new-look Islam supported by Washington, and it will bring even less hope to the Palestinians.



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