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Guangming Daily News, China

The US is Ancient Rome,
China is the Huns

By Aoki

Translated By Jessica Whale

5 November 2012

Edited by Anita Dixon

China - Guangming Daily News - Original Article (Chinese)

In a report on November 4, Germany's Tageszeitung returns to the original question: the fight between two superpowers, China and America. These two countries will have a new president and a new leader. Which one is better? There is a very natural comparison to be made here.

How does the campaign work? In America, the “Race to the White House” is a high-quality form of entertainment on TV programs, wrestling with the idea of “transparency.” In China, elections are held behind closed doors in private meetings. The new leader is decided by democratic consultations, similar to the way leaders of Deutsche Bank or Volkswagen are chosen.

Which country is more flexible? In the year that Charles Dickens visited America, he found many pirated versions of his novels in New York bookstores. Now, America has copyright laws. Every change is a step in the gradual process of development. In China, the economy is still in its early phase. Right now, everything from trucks to “Harry Potter” can be pirated. China is currently experiencing massive changes, possibly even a “great leap forward.”

How do the people act? American citizens’ mission is to export "Western values" to the world; Chinese citizens, who outnumber Americans by a billion people, have a very difficult time accomplishing diplomatic agreements.

Free press? Because of the imprisonment of reporters who interviewed Wall Street protestors, America ranked number 47 on the Press Freedom Index. In China, sensitive interviews are subject to approval and bad reviews.

How about the economy? In America, it’s complicated. The world's greatest economy is believed to be a “consumer economy.” Heavy industry is making a difficult recovery. In China, it's also really complicated: the low exchange rate for the RMB allows for continued cheap exports. New industries are also being explored, for example, the automobile industry. A China with large foreign exchange reserves is like the world having a “Big Brother.”

How is religion viewed? In America, Jewish people represent wisdom; Christians, simplicity; and atheists are seen as more fanatical than Muslims. In China, there's Communism! Confucianism! There's also Buddhism and Daoism, all without a real God.

Who is stronger? America has over 5,000 nuclear warheads, whereas China has a pitiful 145. But in China, the Chinese military has about 1.25 million soldiers, while America has only 700,000.

Who has more history? In America, 44 presidents sounds like a lot, but actually doesn't mean anything. From a historical perspective, China's rise is really just the awakening after a short nap. China's history can be traced all the way back to the Greek dark ages and has seen over 800 rulers.

In conclusion: if America is the modern version of ancient Rome, then the EU is the modern version of ancient Greece and China is the powerful Huns. In a world so great, there is enough room for two superpowers.



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