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Panorama, Italy

(Dis)United States of America

By Michele Zurleni

Translated By Linda Merlo

13 November 2012

Edited by Gillian Palmer

Italy - Panorama - Original Article (Italian)

One of the effects of the re-election of Barack Obama? Thousands of citizens are calling for the secession of their state from the U.S. and the White House website is hosting their petitions.

If there is going to be another American Civil War, we will know on Dec. 9, 2012. And it will be Barack Obama's government that declares it. By that date, we will find out if a petition calling for the separation of Texas from the rest of the Union reaches 25,000 signatures. At present, it seems that the promoters of the Disunity of America are going to do it. In fact, they only have 6,000 signatures to go.

If you open the White House website, you can see for yourself how the Lone Star State’s “revolt” is progressing. A revolt, in name only. The petition actually expresses a peaceful will for separation — non-violent, but determined. Once they pass the hurdle of the petition, the federal government will respond to the promoters' request. Can anyone think of an answer other than no? The "secession" will be rejected without striking a blow.

The fact is, after Barack Obama's re-election, the citizens of other states presented petitions similar to the one proposed by Texans. We, the people, they, the citizens, signers of the petitions of North Carolina, Alabama and Florida, tired of the "abuse" of the government and federal agencies, faithful to the teachings of the Founding Fathers, who want to "withdraw" from the United States to go to their own way, have submitted their request to the White House, and just as was done by Texans, they [the White House] published them on their website. The Obama administration will respond, if they reach 25,000 signatures.

It sounds like a joke, but it's not, in the sense that these signers exist and have put forth their demands. Ironically, the site Buzzfeed explains that by doing so, they managed to get on the level of other citizens — with other petitions — who asked the government to explain other issues, such as the existence of UFOs and the recipe for the beer that Obama brews in the White House.

If we want to, though, we can take this as a small but significant indicator of the division of the country, as it has emerged from the ballot of the presidential election on Nov. 6. Barack Obama has promised to work to reunify the nation. He might start with the 18,000 Texans who signed the request that their state leave the union by convincing them to stay.



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