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al-Thawra, Syria

This Era’s Bats and the US-Connected Terrorist Plan

By Hassan Hassan

It seems clear that the West’s plan provides for waging a war of attrition, similar to that fueled by Contra gangs in Nicaragua in the ‘80s of the last century following the victory of the Sandinista Revolution.

Translated By Mouhsine Abdellaoui

20 October 2012

Edited by Jane Lee

Syria - al-Thawra - Original Article (Arabic)

Countries conspiring against Syria, along with Arab reactionary forces and the artificial opposition, have lost all the tricks they have been playing in the Syrian arena and have failed to break the Syrian state and its pillars, so they resorted to terrorism and bombings to aggravate the situation and drain Syrian blood. It seems clear that the West’s plan provides for waging a war of attrition, similar to that fueled by Contra gangs in Nicaragua in the ‘80s of the last century following the victory of the Sandinista Revolution. The war will be financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar in order to prevent a political solution and to impede the stability of Syria and its ability to remain a strong, independent country resisting colonial domination, which scares the U.S. and their allies, who are worried these days as to the results and the implications of the failure of their plan in Syria.

If the enemies of Syria have revealed a Western plan through their statements and practices — whose implementation is entrusted to Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey — a plan that is aimed at igniting a civil war in Syria to deplete it, then talks in Washington as to the implementation of this plan have become a debate among writers, journalists and media figures, as well as in U.S. circles informed about what is going on behind the scenes of decision-making. American researcher Glezbrook* confirmed the plan while speaking about the West's interest in continuing to drain Syrian blood and energy, not only for the purpose of having armed clashes continue in Syria, but in order to continue to weaken Syria and dissipate its energies.

Nevertheless, there are things that continue to worry the architects of this strategy: First, the higher probability of the failure of their plan, which field and political developments in Syria indicate; second, differences and division among Syrian opposition forces at home and abroad; third, continued regime cohesion and increase in its popularity, as well as the enjoyment of large-scale regional and international support; fourth, the developmental nature of the Syrian economy, which makes Syria able to withstand the pressure.

However, the terrorist bombings aimed at weakening the state and shaking stability led to the opposite results manifested in the local, Arab and international reactions condemning the terrorist massacre and in the exposure of the reality of the terrorist war that Syria is undergoing, a war that is coming from across the border and is supported by Gulf and regional regimes that are subsidiaries of the U.S.

All this proves that these powers, led by U.S. and Arab reactionary forces, are determined to divide Syria into a sect-state in order to achieve peace and security for Israel, divert attention away from the real enemy of Arabs, change the essence of the struggle with the Zionist enemy, try to invent another enemy, ignore all the encroachments and Judaization of all Islamic and Christian holy sites that take place in occupied Palestine, and demonstrate the alleged democracy of Israel, even though they know that the Israelis are thugs and Titans when it comes to Palestinians and Arabs.

These forces are the ones that supported Israel financially and morally in planting settlements in the West Bank, and if Palestinians tried today to establish a state of their own on the land of the Bank, it would be cities scattered among those settlements under a central Israeli authority.

Whichever way labels differentiate, terrorist acts are terrorism against humanity anywhere they are perpetrated. With continuing Syrian bloodshed, the Syrian state is supposed to strike with an iron hand, protect its citizens with all the means available and not allow terrorists to indulge in committing terrorist acts. The United Nations and the Security Council should be healed of deafness and blindness and issue resolutions that call to halt this terrorism as well as hold the countries supporting it responsible and accountable for every drop of blood spilled on the ground in Syria.

It is no secret that the powers conspiring against Syria, led by the Arab reactionary forces, have the upper hand over what happened, what is happening and what will happen in the Arab region. They struck Iraq and destroyed its military strength, divided Sudan to disperse the new oil force, destroyed Libya and left it to tribal and civil conflicts, played their game in Egypt and made it a flop in the hysteria of partisan policies, and ignited a vicious war in Yemen against that which they call “al-Qaida.” Only Syria remains to them, and so they staged this frenzied campaign on the country and its people, a campaign to eliminate all those who stand in their way and prevent them from implementing their goals: Namely to eliminate the Arab national line and the pan-Arab ideology and strike at the model of development, civilization and safety that prevailed in Syria, which is unparalleled in the world.

The Syrian version of the story has proved to be true, and the madness of terrorism and extremism has proved to have no political agendas or democracy. Freedom within the code of this terrorism is to implement the law of the jungle and caves. And peacefulness, in the eyes of this terrorism, is criminality that reduces the Other [the other party] to rejection. This, in short, is the change required, sponsored, funded and supported by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others. It is extremist terrorism itself.

*Editor’s note: The author is most likely referring to British political journalist Dan Glazebrook, who has written extensively on the Middle East.

**Editor’s note: The “bats” in the title of the article refer to those who combat the Syrian government.



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