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Argumenti I Fakti, Russia

America Is a Cancer
of the Planet

By Alexander Dugin

An enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine.

Translated By Tatiana Sokolova

21 November 2012

Edited by Peter L. McGuire

Russia - Argumenti I Fakti - Original Article (Russia)

The Soviet Union palled around with those who shared the communist ideology and opposed capitalism. Modern Russia has no ideology, though it still has many friends. They are those who see Russia as a pillar of a multipolar world and who share our commitment to limit American hegemony.

The first circle of friends is in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). The majority of the Ukrainians are devoted to Russia; the same can be said about people in Belarus and Kazakhstan. Our friends are Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Moldova. Uzbekistan is a friend, though a difficult one, as is Azerbaijan.

In Western Europe, forces that want to withdraw the continent from American influence sympathize with us. They are working toward strengthening the Paris – Berlin – Moscow axis. Our European friends are the Orthodox Christian and Slavic countries: Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro and Greece. In Latin America we are friends with Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil. In the Muslim world our allies are Iran and Syria; our friends are there in Lebanon and among the Shiites of Iraq, Bahrain, Afghanistan and other countries. In the Arab world they remember our help to Palestinians in their confrontation with Israel. We still have many friends in Africa. India and China are Russia’s cautious friends. They have minds of their own, but we are allies when it concerns building a multipolar world. Only fools argue that China is more dangerous to us than America: it does not claim world hegemony, though effectively defends its interests.

Let no one be confused with the fact that we and our allies have in common only aversion to American hegemony. An enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine. It is normal: it would be too naive to add to the friends list only those who love our history and culture, who read Pushkin and Tolstoy. The Soviet Union’s friends, who gathered 85 years ago in Moscow, were not only aware of Pushkin or Tolstoy, they also disliked being aware. But they hated imperialism and saw the Soviet Union as an alternative to the evil. The situation is the same today: all those who feel hatred for American arbitrariness and European gay parades are on our side. The West thrusts upon the world its own game rules and its own values. When we finish with it, we will solve other problems with China or the Muslim world. Figuratively speaking, American hegemony is akin to cancer of the planet. You need first to cut it out and only then start treating Chinese “runny nose” and Islamic “headache.” Nobody says that after the end of America the world will be perfect and harmonious. But the most terrible threat will be gone.



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