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Le Figaro, France

Obama and Hillary: Their
Last Escapade?

By Véronique Saint-Geours

So is this the end of a not-so-simple story for Obama and Hillary?

Translated By Veronica Orecharova

19 November 2012

Edited by Jonathan Douglas

France - Le Figaro - Original Article (French)

In full Petraeus-like scandal, here [is] a couple who do not speak. Since 2008, Obama and Hillary have been Washington’s most visible and most astonishing “work” couple. The 44th re-elected [president] is staying in the White House, but Hillary, the secretary of state, is leaving. Her departure does not take anyone by surprise: She had announced it the day after the midterm elections. Her last business trip with the re-elected president is highly symbolic for them. They each have good reasons to come to embrace Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace Prize winner and the most celebrated “prisoner” in the world — prisoner of her small house on a lake until Nov. 13, 2011. So is this the end of a not-so-simple story for Obama and Hillary?

Last Escapade

Obama and Hillary standing next to Aung San Suu Kyi was a true symbol of those who will now be the focus of Hillary’s attention, whom she will seek to defend after leaving her post: women. She has decided to return to her profession as a lawyer and devote herself to the great feminine causes. Her clientele might not be as exceptional as the Burmese Nobel Peace Prize winner, but she will without a doubt be able to define a “Clinton” clientele and intervene in problems with strong visibility or symbolic weight. She is also likely to return to her position at the head of the Clinton Global Initiative sessions created by her husband, former President Bill Clinton. Unless she quickly creates her own foundation. Her candidacy in 2016 is talked about all the time, but not likely ever to happen. She would be 69 years old.

True Fake Couple

Obama and Hillary had been clashing enemies before becoming forced allies. Defeated in the Democratic primary in 2008, Hillary became the secretary of state to her adversary. She had unanimous support for her fair play and competence. A hated woman at the time of her husband’s presidency, she became the most popular woman in politics while serving Obama. In 2011 she had an approval rating of more than 60 percent according to a Bloomberg poll in September of that year, while according to two polls in 2012 she still shares the title of America’s favorite with Michelle Obama, with 65 percent approval each. Yet the first lady may see Hillary’s departure from the 44th president’s life without displeasure, according to Washington gossip. Bill Clinton’s racist remarks during the 2008 primary might still be undigested.



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