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al-Tharwa, Syria

America: A Puppet of the Zionist Lobby

Translated By Christopher Marrs

28 November 2012

Edited by Hana Livingston

Syria - al-Tharwa - Original Article (Arabic)

The American government thinks it is the only great power in the world, but how can a nation be great when its government and most of its citizens, especially the evangelical Christians, cower at the feet of the Israeli Prime Minister?

How can a nation be great while it completely loses its ability to decide its own foreign policy in the Middle East? Such a nation is not strong, it is merely a puppet.

Recently, we have once again seen this “great American power” cower before Netanyahu when he decided to kill the women and children of Gaza and destroy what is left of their social infrastructure, all in the name of “simple self-defense.” Despite these war crimes, the White House, Congress, and the American media were nothing but supportive of Netanyahu.

On Nov. 16, the American Senate and House of Representatives approved resolutions written by the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, which is the only agent of a foreign government that is not forced to identify as such. Also, the Jewish news service Global News Service moved their headquarters to Washington, D.C. Democrats and Republicans alike share the shame of serving Israel and Israel’s actions toward the Palestinians. Obama quickly obeyed the commands of the Israel lobby as he announced his complete support for the Israeli attacks on Gaza. On Nov. 17, White House National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes told news sources that the White House wants what Israelis want, although this is nonsense as a majority of Israelis oppose the war crimes committed by their government – a government that is run by settlers obsessed with illegally taking Palestinian lands.

Israel under Netanyahu is acting just like the Republicans of Lincoln’s era, 150 years ago. At that time there was no international law to protect the Southern states that seceded from the Union – an act they considered their constitutional right to protect them from being taken advantage of by the North. After the armies of the North defeated the South, they turned toward the American Indians, and since there was no international law to protect the native population, the Indians were subject to murder and pillaging at the hands of Washington’s armies.

Then America cried that the Indians’ bows and arrows were a threat to them. Today, ostensibly there is international law that is supposed to protect the Palestinian people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. But every time the world tries to condemn Israel for its crimes, Washington resorts to using it’s veto power in the U.N. to stop any resolution condemning Israel. The idea that the Palestinians are threatening Israel is no more true than the notion that America is threatened by Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Pakistan and Iran. Not one of these governments could threaten the U.S. Were a great nation threatened by such governments, then it certainly would not be a great nation.

Demonizing the victim is nothing more than a means of hiding a nations’ crimes. In the American media, which is incapable of stopping any crimes, the only crimes that are covered are the those of “terrorists” – meaning people who stand up to American hegemony, as well as Americans like Bradley Manning and Sibel Edmonds who uncovered the truth and were not protected, and Julian Assange who revealed secret documents about American political scandals and is still facing threats to his life despite having been given political refugee status to Ecuador. Washington simply does not respect international law and is not interested in what it dictates.

Meanwhile, the U.S. criminalizes practicing the first amendment of the Constitution, which ensures freedom of expression. The goal of the media is no longer to uncover truths. Instead the media is interested in protecting official lies. Telling the truth has effectively vanished; in order to keep his job the journalist is now forced to serve the interests of Washington and the special interests that Washington serves behind the scenes. In defense of Israel’s most recent war crimes, Barack Obama said “there's no country on Earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders” – while many nations are facing American rockets raining down upon them without so much as a word.

The war criminal Obama rained down missiles upon Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Iraq and Syria, and Iran could be next. As of today, we haven’t seen a single hand raised to stop Israeli Minister of Internal Affairs Eli Yishai from reaching his stated goal of returning Gaza to the Middle Ages.



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