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KM, Russia

US Decides to Recognize Militant Rebels as
Legal Representatives of Syrian People

Translated By Dagny Dukach

11 December 2012

Edited by Kath­leen Weinberger

Russia - KM - Original Article (Russian)

U.S. authorities are preparing to officially recognize the rebels who organized the new Syrian opposition as the legal representatives of the Middle Eastern nation. This information comes on the heels of the announcement that the West is planning to offer the insurgents military training to help in the war against the army of Syrian President Bashar Assad, reported the Daily Telegraph on Dec. 11.

According to preliminary reports, the White House administration will deliver its statement regarding the rebels at an international conference dedicated to the crisis in Morocco. The event could take place as early as later this week.

Information has also appeared in the media suggesting that the Western coalition is preparing to provide the rebels with naval and air support. Last month, the military leaders of Great Britain, France, Turkey, Jordan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates discussed strategies for the future.

“The efforts have so far been uncoordinated without any focused objective. If this is worth doing, then it is worth doing professionally; training the FSA and providing them with air and maritime support when necessary,” said a senior American official, as reported in The Independent.*

These tense conditions have reigned in Syria already for almost two years. During the ongoing armed conflicts between the government army and the Western-backed rebels, almost 30,000 people have died. Political scientists have long been sure that the U.S. is deliberately provoking conflict so that, having toppled yet another Middle Eastern nation, they might be able to establish complete control over the entire region.

*Translator’s Note: According to The Independent, this is actually a quote from Whitehall (not, as the Russian translator perhaps assumed, the White House). So it’s actually most likely a British quote, not American. It was translated above as it was written in Russian.



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