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Al-Dustour, Jordan

Obama’s Tears and Weapons

By Ibrahim Abdul Majeb Al-Qisi

Translated By Robert Mogielnicki

18 December 2012

Edited by Peter L. McGuire

Jordan - Al-Dustour - Original Article (Arabic )

“Peace to you all” ... this is the greeting used by an American Muslim from African descent. It was also used by President Obama, considered the first black Muslim American president who wants to change the face of the planet like a white pigeon of peace, while giving a historic speech in Egypt. The Zionist policy, however, has succeeded in reducing the impact of the president's peaceful intentions. This policy also made peace to merely cover up waging more war and speeding up of the transformation of America's peaceful hand into an unjust iron fist. At the same time, the bodies of children in Gaza, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan have been mangled, much innocent blood was spilled and many sad tears cascaded down. This is the result of America's oppressive hand and its banned, conventional and tactical weaponry.

Obama cried yesterday, saddened by the 20 innocent American children who died at the hands of an American killer. This murderer emphasizes the seriousness of a culture of terrorism characterized by Americans and foreigners alike. This culture is considered a natural consequence of the American policy of fire, iron and action. If we are saddened by one innocent, beautiful child who goes to school in the morning and then dies from the savage bullets of a madman or criminal, then we must also remember the dozens or perhaps millions of innocent children that die while sleeping, playing or sitting in their classrooms. Similarly when we search for the reason of these children's deaths, we find that it does not differ much from the reason behind the killing of the American students. I am also sure that the cable news networks did not broadcast live scenes from the elementary school crime scene. Yet the news networks did broadcast live footage when the skies rained phosphorous and other weapons upon the children of Gaza and many other children in the region. Obama promised an investigation... “peace to all of you.”

As Arabs we know the syndrome of weaponry, blood, and tears. We live the role of victims in an American action movie. You are not an Arab unless you have witnessed Arab blood or [that of] the innocent Muslim, and it is spilled cheaply. Furthermore, it is the Arabs that did not cry out in sadness, anguish, anger, and oppression over the spilling of blood by criminals and American weapons. We continue to say, “Peace be upon you.”

Why is the world interested in a massacre that was committed by a mentally ill person armed with a few bullets but not in the rivers of blood and tears that are emitted from the massacres carried out with American weapons? The size of these weapons exceeds the size of an airplane. The fragments exceed by dozens of times the number of American children that fell victim to the bullets of that crazy American lunatic.

I demand a ban on tears and weapons in the Arab region and to bury every type of offensive weapon. I also hope to dispense once and for all the weapon of deafness. I hope you “close your eyes... close them.”

I am prepared for a nefarious defeat in front of crossed eyes that kill us daily and forever. Upon my chest and treachery, I forgo my organized defenses. I commit suicide repeating: “My peace to you all... my peace.”

Your eyes are two assumptions, two rifles, two Americans, and I am merely a nuclear rocket, in love and sadness, produced during the time of star wars.

Peace to you all.



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