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Ahora, Cuba

Cuba’s and Venezuela’s Congressional
Enemies Aren’t Worried about Child Massacres

By Jean-Guy Allard

Translated By Alan Bailey

27 December 2012

Edited by Anita Dixon


Cuba - Ahora - Original Article (Spanish)

Among the more rabid partisan supporters of open weapons sales in the U.S., together with the National Rifle Association (NRA), are the most stubborn congressional enemies of Cuba and Venezuela, who also constantly attack and defame liberal Latin America under the pretext of the "defense of human rights.”

Cuban-American Senator Marco Rubio (who holds the shotgun in a photo) is often seen in public at gun shows.

In fact, figures like Marco Rubio, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Dana Rohrabacher and Debbie Wassermann, along with their counterparts, are characterized for their blind support of legislation that has favored, as opposed to restricted, the trafficking and sale of firearms of all types and calibers.

Marco Rubio, the pretty boy that the Republicans have destined for the presidency, recently hurried to claim that he completely understands the tragedy of the murder of 20 children in Newtown, Connecticut, threatened by the backlash of a large part of the population. But then he quickly reaffirmed that he is firmly in favor of gun possession and in their free use, even when used to kill.

Rubio — who has often been seen at gun shows, where photographs have even been taken — is officially given an A grade by the NRA, due to his public support of the Stand Your Ground Law in Florida, which permits citizens to kill anyone, not just someone that enters a home without permission, but anyone that seems to be a threat.

Rubio even supported a law in 2008 that permits employees to come armed to work. The NRA is a marketing tool of the gigantic weapons manufacturing industry, which also happens to be a contributor of campaign funds.

More Laws will not put an end to these Murders

Meanwhile, immediately after the killing in Newtown, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen boldly reiterated her conviction that there is no need to restrict the use of firearms in the United States, as is done in the great majority of countries.

"More laws will not put an end to these murders,” the representative of Florida's 18th district said to Radio Actualidad. She is known for her links with Cuban-American terrorist Luis Posada Carriles and the Cuban-American beasts of Miami.

For Ros-Lehtinen, laws will not stop mass murderers. "This is a mental health problem, not a weapons problem,” she added. "Societal problems cannot be solved with a law.”

Files reveal the true position of the congresswoman going back to when she was elected for the first time, in the middle of a campaign in favor of the liberation of terrorist Orlando Bosch.

When on June 18, 1993, now almost 20 years ago, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen voted in favor of a bill to reduce the delivery time of a firearm after its purchase from three days to just one day.

On April 9, 2003, the Miami congresswoman voted in favor of a resolution prohibiting the persecution in court of manufacturers and sellers of weapons during the investigation of a criminal act.

She also obediently approved a bill inspired by the NRA, on October 20, 2005, which dismisses lawsuits against individuals that knowingly give a weapon to someone for use in a criminal act or in a drug operation (Bill S397).

On January 5, 2009, this Miami demagogue, along with her now ex-colleague Connie Mack, proposed including Venezuela in the notorious list of countries that sponsor terrorism and also fought —on behalf of the NRA — for a law that authorized the owners of gun permits to transport pistols, rifles, and machine guns freely from one state to another.

In the same pattern, on October 12, 2011, she voted in favor of loosening the sale and purchase of firearms from one state to another.

It is noteworthy that the congress members most identifiable with the rightwing mob that Ros-Lehtinen leads in Washington — from Californian Dana Rohrabacher to fellow Floridian Debbie Wasserman — have aligned their murderous votes with the NRA, in a country where it is estimated that there are 89 weapons for every 100 people, and it is soon feared that 100 weapons for every 100 people will be mentioned.

And it is these same people that regularly preach their twisted version of "democracy" and "human rights" for Cuba, Venezuela, and the whole of Latin America, while at the same time they support every strategy for penetration, destabilization and militarization of a continent that they wish to dominate.



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