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Al-Watan, Syria

The United States and the Language
of Unmasked Pretenses

By Hameed Hilmi Zade

Translated By David Bishop

23 December 2012

Edited by Kyrstie Lane

Syria - Al-Watan - Original Article (Arabic)

It appears that the language of false claims and accusations has come to be the predominant feature of U.S. propaganda denigrating the enemies that pose a challenge to its expansionist projects in the region and the world.

In light of this, it would be foolish to believe the U.S. theorists and strategists that the United States’ aim in its policies is to “shape a truly cooperative global community,” as veteran intellectual Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in the introduction of his book “The Grand Chessboard” (printed in Damascus, 1997). This is evidenced by his declaration in the same introduction that “it is imperative that no [Eurasian] challenger emerges, capable of dominating [Eurasia] and thus also of challenging America.”

For his part, another veteran intellectual, Henry Kissinger, says in his book “Observations: Selected Speeches and Essays, 1982-1984”: "If we fell under hostile domination, whether directly or indirectly, it would expose and diminish America’s influence in the world."*

In this U.S. vision, beautiful theories about creating a global, humanitarian community of mutual understanding clash with the processes of arrogance, militarization and setting off crises and tensions in the world. In the face of this vision, one can consider the aspects of the lies and slanders that Washington was and still is marketing in all aspects and directions to justify its wars, invasions, aggressions and patent thefts against countries, peoples and riches, especially in the Islamic world.

It is our duty to raise questions such as the following: what have U.S. claims proved in Afghanistan and Iraq that the United States should rush, without mercy, to suggest the possibility that Syrian leadership will use “chemical weapons” against its people under the pretense of “crushing the revolution and the opposition”?

The U.S. administration and its allies in Europe, the Zionist entity and some of the Gulf states focus on this lie. What is certain is that this focus embodies the true bankrupt nature of expansionist efforts stretching from the Nile to Damascus, considering that Damascus is the connecting link in the axis of resistance and opposition in the face of the “Zio-American” plan in the Middle East.

The human community that has followed the development of the Syrian crisis from its beginning had not listened to this deviant tune of “Syria’s preparation to strike the armed opposition groups with chemical weapons” until recently. Thus it is confirmed to us that the U.S. power-play strategy is fully adopting the Machiavellian principle that says “the end justifies the means,” after its cruel attempts at opposing Syria clashed with the firm will of the faithful, defiant people in this country.

For the various practices, pressures, instigations and bombings have proved that the United States is unable to push Syria into the trap of submission and obedience to the Western-Zionist-Gulf-Turkish dictates. Likewise the United States is incapable of breaking the will of the Syrian people that is very closely watching the international, malicious conspiracy against it.

Thus it is not strange at all that the expansionist and Zionist forces and their collaborators in the region should brandish the “scarecrow of the chemical weapon threat to the Syrian revolution,” for Damascus has in its steadfastness constituted a grave challenge to the U.S. chessboard in the Middle East, according to Brzezinski, and turned into a power that threatens U.S. influence in the world, according to Kissinger. Thus, according to expansionist strategy, the United States should use any vile means necessary, including deceitful claims, against Damascus. This is so as long as the mercenaries of creative chaos — with the members of the takfiri terrorist groups prominent among them — have fallen, been exposed and been defeated in the test of protecting the nation and the people in Syria. This comes after they have contented themselves with being murderers, thieves, highway robbers and a cheap plaything passed around at U.S., Israeli and Gulf orders to spread death, ruin and destruction in the Islamic world.

*Editor’s Note: This quote, accurately translated, could not be verified.



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