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Milli Gazete, Turkey

Is the United States Moving to Africa?

By Sadrettin Karaduman

Translated By Dayla Rogers

1 January 2013

Edited by Kyrstie Lane

Turkey - Milli Gazete - Original Article (Turkish)

This time the U.S. has turned its gaze to Africa. The Pentagon has pushed the button to send troops to 35 African countries in the name of the “war on terror.” Kenya, the homeland of Obama's father, is on the list of nations slated for military intervention.

Africa is being colonized by a president with African roots! This plan is being carried out within the scope of AFRICOM (U.S. Africa Command). This organization, which serves as America's new center of operations in Africa, was established in 2007 by then-president George W. Bush to coordinate both civilian and military activities in this vast and rich continent. The plan effectively targets the entire continent, from Libya to the Congo, from the Gulf of Guinea to Somalia. It is very interesting that immediately following the creation of this cruel plan a black man should be elected to the White House. The imperialists' strategy of “getting people to shoot themselves with their own guns” continues in all its savagery. The circumstances are impossible to ignore; how is it that a black man could be elected (twice even!) in a country where it was illegal for them to sit at the same table in a restaurant or use the same doors on the buses as whites up until the 1950s? It is now even clearer that the election of a black president is another tactic of the imperialists.

Strategic interests lie beneath the United States' efforts to create such a comprehensive program to threaten Africa's security. It is thought that competition with China drives this military policy.

America wants to prevent China from winning over the African people by preventing a large Chinese population from entering the continent. America has for some time been discomforted by China's activities in Africa. In order to maintain its control of intelligence and logistics in the region, it has boosted its military presence.

One of the world's key sea routes is found within AFRICOM's jurisdiction. Africa produces 7 percent of the world's petrol. Thirty percent of the world's gold also comes from there. South Africa alone is home to 35 percent of the gold reserves in the world. Ever since rich colonialists set foot on African soil 500 years ago, they have left the place destitute. Westerners have controlled the continent more than Africans for centuries. The U.S., in particular, has been interested in these resources in recent years. This is because the U.S. imports 60 percent of the petrol that it consumes, and 15 percent of this comes from Africa. By 2025 this percentage will rise to 25.

As for China, it has been the leading importer of African petrol since the 1960s. In fact, it imports 28 percent of its petrol from Africa. In 2005 China made an $800 million investment in Nigeria. When Angola received $2 billion in aid from China, it stopped following the IMF's policies. At the Chinese-African Summit in November 2005, which was attended by 48 African nations, China decided to make a $5 billion investment in Africa.

Every step forward for the Chinese in Africa is a step backward for Westerners. For this reason, the U.S. is expanding is colony day by day. With the support of Britain and Israel, it will continue to pit the impoverished natives against one another in order to rob them of their wealth. Perhaps in the near future we will see the U.S. move its groups of people from other regions around the world and into Africa.



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