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Le Figaro, France

Hillary Finally Bound
for the White House?

By Jean-Sébastien Stehli

Translated By Charlotte Schwennsen

12 January 2013

Edited by Gillian Palmer

France - Le Figaro - Original Article (French)

Since she entered Americans’ field of vision in 1992 with Bill’s election, Hillary Clinton has been an inexhaustible source of speculation, commentary and gossip. There is not a single other person in American politics who triggers the reactions set off by Hillary.

She decided to move on to other things and stop politics, worn out by the 2008 presidential campaign that she saw through to the end and four years of intensive diplomacy, retiring to Chappaqua, in the suburbs of New York, to reflect on her future. However, the last report on the best candidate to succeed Barack Obama in 2016 might make her think.

According to the report published this week and carried out by Public Policy Polling, Hillary would be the “ideal Democratic candidate for 2016.” She would not only beat the other potential Democratic candidates at the White House, but also Chris Christie, the very popular (except in his own party, but that is another story) governor of New Jersey, who supported the action of the 44th president after the disaster of Hurricane Sandy.

54 percent of American voters have a favorable opinion of the Secretary of State, while 39 percent do not. Among Democratic voters, the proportion of favorable opinions is 79 percent.

Among the Democratic contenders in the report, Hillary crushed her competitors. She won 57 percent of the vote. The VP, Joe Biden, would arrive in second place, but kilometers behind, with 16 percent. The other potential candidates in the Democratic camp, like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, did not even reach 5 percent.

Hillary knocked down the three main Republican candidates — Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s running mate in the last presidential campaign. Rubio, a senator from Florida, was overtaken by Hillary by 14 points.

The GOP’s greatest adversary against Hillary would be Chris Christie. According to Public Policy Polling, he would only be ahead of Hillary by two points. The only problem — outside of his waist size, which has become a real issue — is since he took Obama’s side, the GOP does not want to talk about the governor of New Jersey and above all wants to charge him for his statements that Republicans take responsibility for their defeat on Nov. 6. Better to find a sacrificial lamb than to look truth in the face.



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