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Itar-Tass, Russia

American Media Exaggerates
Russian-US Conflicts

By n/a

Translated By Dagny Dukach

16 January 2013

Edited by Kath­leen Weinberger

Russia - Itar-Tass - Original Article (Russian)

The White House sees no reason for the media to publish exaggerations of the difficulties in relations between Russia and the United States. U.S. Presidential Press Secretary Jay Carney reiterated this message last Tuesday, in response to a question on the topic posed by an Itar-Tass correspondent at a regular press briefing.

Carney neither confirmed nor denied information regarding the upcoming visit to Moscow of Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor, Tom Donilon.

Last night, the flagship of the capitol of U.S. journalism, the newspaper The Washington Post, published an article claiming that the last few months have seen a “poisonous unraveling of U.S. relations with Russia.” Similar views had already been expressed in local media before. The authors have often attempted to give the impression that these were moods and evaluations of the highest leadership of the U.S. administration.

“This would not be the first time that a journalist may have overstated the level of his or her sources,” said Carney on the subject. The author of the Washington Post publication was a reputable local journalist.

Cutting to the chase, Barack Obama’s press secretary continued: “Our president believes relations with Russia are very important. Since he took office, we have been working in the spirit of cooperation on a whole range of issues for the mutual benefit of Russia and the United States.”

It is true, of course, that disagreements also occur between Washington and Moscow, continued Carney. “One of the important elements of our relations with Russia is that when differences do arise between us, we discuss them openly, and do not allow them to become insurmountable obstacles for cooperation in those areas in which cooperation is possible,” he explained.

Recalling the past ideological conflicts between the U.S. and the USSR, Carney expressed the belief that when it comes to the current state of relations between Washington and Moscow, “the characterizations that have been given are simply ridiculous.”

“We are continuing to work with Russia in the spirit of cooperation,” concluded the press secretary. “We see quite clearly — and I believe the Russians do as well — where our opinions diverge. However, we are actively working together with Russia in those areas in which agreement prevails between us, areas in which we are able to achieve common goals both in the international arena and in our own bilateral relations.”

Diplomats on both sides are claiming that Tom Donilon will visit Moscow in the near future. Nevertheless, in response to this question, Carney replied: “As of yet, I have no announcements regarding a visit from the president’s National Security Advisor.”



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