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El Mundo, El Salvador

A Hopeful Notice
For Migrants

By Editorial

Translated By Cydney Seigerman

29 January 2013

Edited by Daye Lee

El Salvador - El Mundo - Original Article (Spanish)

The 11 million undocumented people who live in the United States — about two million of whom are Salvadorians — already know that there is finally a light at the end of the uncertainty of their irregular situation. The bipartisan proposal for a migratory reform in the United States Senate has opened up a path to hope for these people, who, looking for a better future, have remained trapped in the limbo of being undocumented.

The process will surely be long, given the intricate disputes that characterize United States politics. However, without a doubt, it is the moment for an integral migratory reform that will legalize their status and give them access to work permits, a permanent residence, and eventually, a family reunion.

The fact that the proposal comes from both sides of the American political spectrum and that it relied on the decided help from President Barack Obama illustrates the importance that the Hispanic community has garnered in American society. The Hispanic community was, to a large extent, the key to Obama’s victory last November. It was also responsible for the Republican debacle and the disaster of the Tea Party, a neoconservative Republican group.

A legalization of our undocumented compatriots will not only bring peace, certainty, and a better life for those in the United States but also for their families in El Salvador and for our economy, in general, which greatly depends on their remittance. Hopefully, this hope becomes concrete and has a happy ending.



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