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Huanqiu, China

Look Out for America’s
“Independent” Think Tanks

By Ding Jin

Translated By Ann Kubusek

26 January 2013

Edited by Rachel Smith

China - Huanqiu - Original Article (Chinese)

Recently in China there have been many scholars who believe America’s think tanks are independent organizations. For example, there are some who introduce America’s Brookings Institute by saying, “The key factor in determining the quality of the Brookings Institute's products is the quality of the employees, the effectiveness of the operating mechanism and, in a nutshell, it’s the independent character of the think tank itself.” I worked at a think tank for many years; the structure of America’s think tanks is complex and cannot be generalized.

The reason why America’s think tanks are “independent” is because the framework for analysis still rests on the idea that America’s political institution is based on the separation of three powers, with the two parties sharing power. My research leads me to believe that America’s political essence is tyranny of a hereditary financial system. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York's shareholders are the ones behind the scenes with the real power. The president in Washington is just an actor on the stage. The main source of funds for numerous American think tanks are the Rockefeller family, the Morgan Foundation, Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street multinational financial groups and families. The leaders have an inseparable relationship with Wall Street.

To take the Brookings Institute as an example: Their funding source is the Rockefellers and other big companies. Government funding does not exceed 20 percent of their income structure. The Brookings Institute’s current chairman of the board, John Thornton, was the former deputy secretary of state. This type of think tank is clearly not an independent organization and is representative of America’s financial hereditary system. These think tanks are responsible for providing suggestions and information to the American government and at the same time they are cooperating behind the scenes to serve the tyrannical financial hereditary system.

Think tanks' format of servicing both Wall Street and the American government is carried out clandestinely. One example is the “revolving door” mechanism; this is when research personnel take government positions and directly influence government policy, or the results of the research are delivered directly to government departments and indirectly affect government policies.

Another modus operandi is having a government department secretly fund the think tank’s specific target and make it untraceable to avoid any danger. According to the British author Francis Stonor Saunders, as disclosed in her book “The Cultural Cold War: CIA and the World of Arts and Letters”, the CIA allocated a large amount of money to the Ford Foundation and Carnegie Foundation. They used the big names of these organizations to donate the money for a specific reason – to go abroad and foster a bunch of intellectual elite to use “American standards” to judge what is right and what is wrong, and through these intellectual elite, to influence public opinion and the government policies of that country. In the French Intelligence Research Center’s new book Arab Revolution: The Hidden Side of Purpose, there is a chapter dedicated to discussing several of the different NGOs' and foundations' schemes to organize the Arab Spring.

Some of America’s seemingly neutral think tanks are definitely not independent organizations. The reality is their mission is to aid and provide consultation for America’s ruling financial families and multinational groups. My country’s universities and research institutes that have any connection to these types of think tanks need to maintain vigilance and be cautious of any cooperation that could potentially affect the financial security and social stability of our country. We should restrict the entry of any think tank that could possibly endanger our national security.

The author is from Jiangsu province and is the Deputy Director of Research on Administrative Management Science.



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