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Nawai-Waqt, Pakistan

The Future of Relations
between America and Pakistan

Translated By Fauzia Iqbal

10 February 2013

Edited by Hana Livingston

Pakistan - Nawai-Waqt - Original Article (Urdu)

In a recent article, Cameron Munter, former U.S. ambassador to Pakistan, emphasized that relations between Pakistan and America can once again be stabilized to the level that they were before. Barack Obama has completed one term and started his second, while in Pakistan, too, a democratic government has completed its term. Touching on the incompetence of Pakistani politicians, Munter said that despite the Kerry-Lugar bill and other aid packages, the government’s performance proved extremely disappointing for American authorities as well as the Pakistani people. Military and civilian leaders in Pakistan and America should now sit down together to make plans for the prosperity and development not only of Pakistan, but of the region as a whole.

Munter was ambassador at an extremely difficult time. He resigned after just one year due to alleged differences in policy with the American leadership. He is correct in his assessment that Pakistan can play an effective role in the stability of the region. It is also true that the public is frustrated with the Pakistani government's inability to gain control over domestic matters, as well as its failure in regard to relations with America.

General elections are expected to take place within a few months. Now we can only hope, as Munter described, that the new government will demonstrate its ability to rescue Pakistan from internal mismanagement and chaos while better managing foreign affairs.



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