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Al-Thawra, Syria

A Surplus of American Power

By Hunada Housri

Translated By Mitch Bacci

14 February 2013

Edited by Natalie Clager

Syria - Al-Thawra - Original Article (Arabic)

American Professor John Kozy states that, “Violence pervades this culture. Americans not only engage in violence, they are entertained by it.” They enjoy violence to the degree that is has set the American way apart from the natural way of life.

Looking deeply at a period of time from the European colonization of the continent to the creation of the United States, it is clear that that Americans have always harbored intense hatred for one another. This hatred explains the creation of American society and its social construction, which was designed and nourished by violence. Therefore, American society is not shocked by the mass killings and violent events that it witnesses. Americans do not believe that any person should go unarmed, as the right to bear arms is guaranteed in the American Constitution!

If we turn to American culture we find that violence is a recreation that Americans enjoy and consider a source comfort. The examples of American football and professional wrestling illustrate this. These sports cause brain damage, and worse, for players.

This demonstrates the violent nature of American society and if we counted the many statistics regarding American crime, we would find an average of 87 violent crimes in America a day, specifically in Chicago. These statistics are evidence of the danger of living in America, a society established on violence whose people will eventually exterminate one another.

The question now is not if the possession of arms, considered an individual right guaranteed in the American constitution, is firm evidence of the failure of the United States of America in its primary role of securing internal stability for its citizens. Rather, the question concerns American’s commitment to a foreign policy that calls for democracy while simultaneously aiding terrorists and conspicuously meddling in world affairs. The United States relies upon foreign military polities that use bullets, missiles and finally drones. So what is this irony?!



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