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The Beijing News, China

Can’t the World Handle
Beyoncé’s Sexiness?

By Zhu Bai

Translated By Ann Kubusek

8 February 2013

Edited by Gillian Palmer


China - The Beijing News - Original Article (Chinese)

This year Beyoncé has just exploded! She performed at the presidential inauguration, the Super Bowl halftime show, and the NBA All-Star Game. If she were to perform in the Chinese Spring Festival and the Japanese Red and White Song competition, other female artists would surely lose it.

Last year Madonna announced, “I have to put on the greatest show on earth during the greatest show on earth.” The “greatest show” to which she was referring was the Super Bowl. Every year, on the last Sunday in January or the first Sunday in February, the National Football League has its annual championship game. Of course, it is much more than just a sports competition; it is a huge fashion entertainment party. You could say it is comparable to the Chinese Spring Festival.

Within the last couple of years the Super Bowl has transformed itself into a stunt, an exaggeration, a cross-disciplinary, off the scale competition. From the frivolous exposure of Janet Jackson’s right breast in front of millions in 2004, to the accidental pornographic “implantation” a couple of years back, to Madonna’s cheerleading squad of transformed goddesses, to Beyoncé’s comeback this year, the Super Bowl has undeniably become the stage for the famously successful to break through and transform themselves into living legends.

The stylists exquisitely displayed Beyoncé’s signature chest and beautiful legs. Her arrival on stage was like an emerging goddess; the audience could not believe what was unfolding before their eyes, and when she started to sing under the dazzling lights the world belonged to her. Both the audience watching her on TV and the audience watching her live needed an explosive moment and Beyoncé did not hesitate to deliver.

But of course there were varying opinions on her performance. For example, an American tabloid said quite the opposite. It claimed her overly sexual appearance was damaging to young girls and boys. Can’t the people of the world handle her sexiness? That is simply ridiculous. That angle only proves how Beyoncé provided her own interpretation at “the greatest show.” In 2007 Beyoncé posed for the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition. That sexy image, like a young quail, accompanied the growth of a generation. Afterward her career took a downturn. If her sexiness is still apparent today, that is a real miracle.

Actually, this is not Beyoncé’s first appearance as a model goddess; this was just her comeback. Her “Heaven Girl” legend was completed 13 years ago. In the last couple of years some people have said that her stardom is diminishing and her abilities are gradually being covered up by her husband, Jay-Z. This is not the case; it is just that these high society signature couples have learned a type of low-key management of their fame and fortune. This is an American tradition, to always be indulging in debauchery, to always be on the forefront of fashion, to always be the symbol of wealth and fame, but not in an absolute sense. There are some people who wish to walk away from it all and do something for themselves.

What is striking is that her every reappearance is amazing. For instance, just when we have forgotten about Destiny’s Child, there they are again on the stage, using humanity’s creative mind to form perfection, a full-blooded resurrection. That is what you call a jaw dropping moment: All the fear, contempt and discouragement falling into oblivion and then, from the dusty corners of your memory, in an instant, recovered. Even though Beyoncé’s extremely transparent skirt and low-cut little leather top were not that fresh, she still made her audience experience the wonder that is the “world’s greatest show.” After the show backstage, Jay-Z enveloped Beyoncé in an embrace, which the media explained as a congratulatory embrace for a successful comeback. They are what you call a universal legend. Beyoncé has proved to the world that she is still here, and she will always have the strength to come back.



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Beyoncé’s Sexiness?”

  1.  Vote: Add rating 0  Subtract rating 0   Dolmance Says:

    Get on a bus in any city on earth, take a walk around town, whether you’re in Shang­hai or Mex­ico City Khar­toum or any­where else, and you’ll see a whole army of women just as beau­ti­ful, just as capa­ble of tak­ing your breath away, just as awe­somely gor­geous as Beyonce.

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