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People's Daily, China

Who Are Obama’s Henchmen?

By Gao Tiejun

Since Obama was inducted, his email address has been ‘the most important national secret,’ and only those ‘real henchmen’ are permitted to know ‘the most secret email address in the world.’

Translated By Crystal Jin

1 February 2009

Edited by Brid­gette Blight

China - People's Daily - Original Article (Chinese)

Since Obama was inducted, his email address has been “the most important national secret,” and only those “real henchmen” are permitted to know “the most secret email address in the world." According to White House rules, Obama can only contact a few people by email in order to avoid giving away state secrets.

Not even U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Democrat) and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (Democrat) know the email address. Of course, they are not likely to contact others by email. Among the high-ranking White House officials, U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who also seldom uses email, does not know this mysterious email address either.

Then who on the earth knows Obama’s email address? First, Vice-President Joe Biden. Both Biden and his “boss” received super-secure Blackberry cell phones. Second, Rahm Emmanuel, White House chief of staff--Obama’s most important consultant--and a few friends who came along with him from Chicago know this most secret email.

In the past, those who were invited to state dinners and Camp David were regarded as henchmen. During the Clinton administration, only those who had spent nights in the Lincoln bedroom could be the henchmen, but usually people were able to become overnight guests through a political donation.

George W. Bush barely held any state dinners during his administration. Those who were invited to Bush’s farmland in Texas to enjoy barbecue and field work were counted as henchmen. During eight years, Bush never used email in order to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Obama is the first president to use email in the office. So it is a great honor to know his email address.

But there are many restrictions for those who contact the president by email. They cannot forward any emails received from the president and they cannot send the president emails with attachments. At the same time, Obama’s email address is often changed to insure its secrecy and security.

Those lucky high-ranking officials who know the president’s email said that they would not send the president any emails until the president sends them emails first, because the president is indeed too busy.

Clinton and George H. W. Bush preferred to keep in contact with others by way of secret fax. Sometimes the fax number was given away and the office would be filled with junk fax.






2 Responses to “Who Are Obama’s Henchmen?”

  1.  Vote: Add rating 0  Subtract rating 0   researcher Says:

    Both Biden and his “boss” received super-secure Black­berry cell phones.”

    super secure???????????

    the NSA pro­vided the blackberrys.

    the nsa spys on any­one it wants in the USA. con­gress pro­vided that one for them.

    that is the begin­ning of the end of a coun­try when all the cit­i­zens can be spyed on.

    9/11 gave amer­i­can intel­li­gence the ok to spy on its citizens.

    check out his­tory on that one.

  2.  Vote: Add rating 0  Subtract rating 1   Greg Coleman Says:

    What hypocrisy ! Does the aver­age Chi­nese per­son know the email address of their lead­ers? I think not.

    The Chi­nese gov­ern­ment lacks giv­ing basic human rights to the pop­u­la­tio­nand they have the gall to actu­ally print some­thing like this.

    As the Chi­nese would say “The skin on their face is really thick”

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