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Vzgliad Daily, Russia

Russian Foreign Ministry
Announces Decline of
Western Political Dominance

By Vzgliad

Translated By Olga Azarian

19 February 2013

Edited by Ketu­rah Hetrick

Russia - Vzgliad Daily - Original Article (Russian)

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced that the West’s dominance in politics is declining.

According to the new Russian Federation Foreign Policy Concept, which was published Monday on the Russian Foreign Ministry website, opportunities for the West to dominate world politics continue to decline.

“Opportunities for the historical West to dominate the world economy and politics are decreasing. Decentralization of the world's potential strength and development is taking place. It is shifting to the East, especially the Asia-Pacific region,” says the document.

It emphasizes that Russia, in this regard, gives priority to the development of relationships with China and India. “Russia finds that it is important to further develop an effective and mutually beneficial foreign policy and economic cooperation between Russia, India and China,” it reads.

However, the document states that Russia also thinks it is important to develop a relationship with the European Union. In particular, Moscow is considering as a key aspect the abolition of visa with the EU, as well as the development of economic cooperation.

In addition, the document states that Russia will build its relationship with the United States, taking into account the “significant potential for development of mutually beneficial trade and investment, scientific, technical and other cooperation, as well as special responsibility of both countries for global strategic stability," says the RIA Novosti.

The Concept emphasizes that Moscow “will actively oppose the U.S. use of unilateral extraterritorial sanctions against Russian entities and individuals,” as well as to facilitate the procedure of visa issuance to the citizens of both countries.

According to the newspaper Vzgliad, the new Russian Foreign Policy Concept was made public on Monday by the Russian Foreign Ministry.



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