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El-Badil, Egypt

America: From Great Satan to
Defender of the Weak!!

By Ahmed Nushi

Translated By Connor Seidenschwarz

4 September 2013

Edited by Anita Dixon

Egypt - El-Badil - Original Article (Arabic)

Ten years have passed since Condoleezza Rice fired off her famous sentence: “We will create a new Middle East.”

We had to go through those 10 years in order to know that the partitioning of the Arab nation that America wanted was never to come to pass. The power of the American war machine has exhausted itself, and in each military engagement, the victor was continually an ally of the resistance. Yes, the dreams of those evil forces were not to be realized, except through changing minds and shifting notions. For raising the American, British and French flags in the streets of Benghazi by those imploring NATO to enter the Libyan lands has became a substitute for burning these same flags or machines in any demonstration taking place in an Arab and Islamic nation at least 10 years ago.

In 10 years America hasn’t changed, it is we who have changed.

Reading the Muslim Brotherhood report during the American invasion of Iraq (2003) is enough to find these lines: "Any aggression toward Muslim people is rejected and must be resisted, no matter the aggressor. Defending Iraq does not mean defending the regime existing there now, and the unity of the Iraqi people and unity of their lands are two matters that do not allow compromise. The Iraqi people alone have the right to change their regime and choose their method of governance."

These are great and authoritative words, but you will not find them having any influence. Just read the report of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria 2013, and you will find in front of you a frank call for American aggression on Syrian land. It reads in one passage: “We declare our rejection of the limited punitive strike, which will have the opposite effect of strengthening the regime, not weakening it, and demand high accuracy in the military operation against the regime’s locations!!”

Not only have the stances of the political movements changed, but the issue has extended to include the head of the World Federation of Muslim Scholars.

“The absence of an American and Israeli boycott is among grave sins, but indeed fighting America in Iraq is the duty of every Muslim.” This was Qaradawi’s fatwa in 2003.

But in 2013, you had to sully your ears before listening to an excellent speech, where he thanked America’s excellence and demanded that it take a stance (for God) defending the Syrian people, just as it defended the Libyans previously. He reassured America from atop the prophet’s platform that the victory of the opposition in Syria will guarantee Israel’s security!

After 10 years, our greatest wish is to gasp after hearing a condemning report, a condemnation from a sheikh, or a political movement’s judicial counterparts issue a statement that invites ridicule and mockery from us all.

People, if the Americans do indeed enter the country, they will corrupt it, divide it and make it the most cherished of their despicable family.



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