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Al-Thawra , Syria

Obama’s Bullying ‘Baltagiya’

By A’aida A’am Ali

America’s goal is to guarantee its control over the Middle East by encouraging chaos.

Translated By Hannah Bakheit

7 Sept 2013

Edited by Thomas Phippen


Syria - Al-Thawra - Original Article (Arabic)

It is no secret to anyone that America holds the welfare of its protégé Israel at the forefront of its policies. This reality has been reaffirmed by recent American Zionist lobbying organizations, which urge American President Barack Obama to launch a military attack against Syria.

How will the U.S administration get out of this predicament, having failed to gain international support and with growing pressure on Obama to launch the attack? The armed terrorists have faced the most brutal defeat from the heroic Arabic Syrian army, posing a setback for the insurgents and ruining any chances they had in any negotiations to solve the crisis in Syria.

America’s frantic pursuit to satisfy Zionist lobbying efforts, as well as the pressure to carry out an aggressive attack on Syria, stems from an arrogant thirst. However, the moment Washington withdraws, it will lose credibility with its Western colonialist clique and its debauched and corrupt allies, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The U.S. does do not realize that their aggression will set the whole region on fire. But other than the traitorous nations allied with the United States, the only country which would receive real harm is Israel.

The tactic of American “baltagiya”* and interloping, supported by Jewish determination to destroy Syria, is now common knowledge; so is the falsehood the U.S. displays in attacking any country.

America’s goal is to guarantee its control over the Middle East by encouraging chaos. Washington does not realize it will face a strong refusal to comply and that it will be the cause of its own downfall, as well as causing those supporting them to be paralyzed and suffocated. This miserable empire will not be victorious in resilient Syria.

The people are fully aware of Obama’s gamble. People are tired of the lies of Obama and Chuck Hagel. Obama's risks will fully affect his administration's interests, and there will certainly be strategic losses and further loss of life. But it will not be Washington that bears the full economic and political burden of their policies.

*Editor's Note: Baltagiya, or baltajiya, means 'thugs' or 'hatchet-men.' In Egypt, for instance, former president Mubarak was notorious for employing 'thugs' to enforce polling stations.



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