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Le Devoir, Canada

Letter: Tribute to Americans

By Benoit Otis

Translated By Courtney Olsen

11 September 2013

Edited by Kyrstie Lane

Canada - Le Devoir - Original Article (French)

Despite sporadic conflicts around the world, never in the history of mankind have there been so many political strategies for sustainable peace. We swapped outdated ideologies for a more realistic view of our modern world. We understand human nature much better: The primitive human instincts for survival are in this way redefined.

Now we realize our interdependence, and we think before taking action. Political strategies on an international scale are a subject of free inquiry, and we attempt to develop a global consciousness that reflects the human condition worldwide. The fight against terrorism is a good example of this.

In addition, many people criticize the Americans for wanting to control everything on the planet. But who else would be better-able to fulfill this role of peace mediator between nations? We must recognize that Americans had to work hard to get what they have now and also to acquire such a reputation around the world.

To do this, they gave themselves a land of freedom in order to accommodate skilled people from all over the world without distinction of race, religion and culture. Therefore, they have a country very representative of world order. This is what gives them the right to look at the world and decide what actions to take to ensure its future — a future that requires international cooperation and recognition of everyone's needs.



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