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NRG Maariv, Israel

We Mustn’t Kneel
Down Like America

By Moshe Feiglin

It seems America is following in Europe's footsteps, quietly declaring submission in the face of the Muslim offensive.

Translated By Maayan Keren

22 March 2009

Edited by Christie Chu

Israel - NRG Maariv - Original Article (Hebrew)

I’m writing these lines during a domestic flight in the United States. I came for two weeks for a round of meetings and lectures in eight different states, and tomorrow I am returning home, where Olmert's government is still in place.

I met with thousands of Jews from all denominations. Sometimes, even non-Jews made the effort to come out and hear me speak. The majority of them believe that America is falling apart. No one thinks Obama will really be able to stop the collapse, especially not with the “Robin Hood” techniques he has adopted.

"Every day at least one of my customers gets laid off,” said a successful dentist. "People who have lost their jobs ask me to extract their teeth because they don’t have the money to treat them.”

"I do not believe the dollar will be worth the paper it is printed on," said a Jewish owner of a cosmetics chain store.

"The damage Madoff caused the Jewish community is huge," whispered a successful businessman. "No one speaks of it in public, but everyone knows the man who stole sixty-five billion dollars.”

It seems America is following in Europe's footsteps, quietly declaring submission in the face of the Muslim offensive. The department in charge of supervising Syrian-exported terrorism has been dismantled. Obama is giving Iran plenty of reasons to believe that they have nothing to fear from the Americans. Close to a billion dollars is being given to "Palestinian" terrorist groups in our country while the American national debt grows to such inflated proportions that the final crash is only a matter of time.

Physical Power Will Not Suffice

In one of my meetings, a respected woman told me that a short while after the attack on the World Trade Center she read an article (that I wrote) that accurately predicted the events that followed. She said she did not remember who wrote the article, but did remember the title: "Why America Has Already Lost the War.”

I wrote the article after hearing President Bush call on the American people to pray for America in churches, synagogues and mosques. In other words, Bush called on citizens to pray to the god in whose name the towers were destroyed. I realized then that Americans didn't understand the meaning of the war that was forced upon them nor did they understand who the enemy was, and therefore they would surely lose.

The article precisely predicted the American entanglement in Afghanistan and Iraq, the continuation of the Muslim offensive, the economic deterioration and the Jewish fear: "There won't be large-scale pogroms in America; perhaps small ones, but not the kind we became accustomed to in Europe. After all, there is something too good about the American people that they won't allow it. But how will a Jew show his face in the street when every American is convinced that he has lost his job, his property and that his relatives are being killed in terrorist attacks and in an endless war, all because of the Jews?” (October 2001).

We are in the midst of a fast-paced shift in the international power balance. Western culture is steadily crumbling in the face of the Muslim world's faith-based power. The “postmodern” view, which entails the getting rid of the definitions of good and bad, has pulverized the ability of Western culture to face Muslim culture. The West has an absolute advantage over Islam - except for the ability to distinguish between good and evil. When there is no god, there is no truth, and it follows that there is no ability to determine the enemy. The gates of the Western world are open to the waves of Muslim immigration, who, for their part, continue to watch “the heretics” with contempt.

Europe has already knelt down in the face of this offensive. It appeared as if America would stand up against the breach, but a nation that elected a president named “Hussein” with a Muslim background is probably not capable of it.

We need to prepare to stand alone against the Iranian threat, in front of a very hostile world. We need to prepare for the fact that in the midst of a crisis, we will face a large wave of immigration from the United States and from the Western countries. We need to prepare for a reality that is very similar to that of the War of Independence. We need to realize there is no one to trust but ourselves and our God up above.

Even then, during the War of Independence, the Americans alienated Israel, and we fought entirely on our own. Back then we also faced threats of eradication from the entire Muslim world. It can be said that history repeats itself, but with one distinct difference- the dominant element in the future battle is much more religious than nationalist.

In the face of such a battle, physical power will not suffice. It was not enough for the Americans in their battle against Bin Laden, and it was not enough for us against Hamas. We must fortify our spiritual power. During the "cast lead" operation in Gaza, we saw that our troops already possess this faith-based power. Now we must ensure that the Israeli leadership is armed with it as well.



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One Response to “We Mustn’t Kneel
Down Like America”

  1.  Vote: Add rating 2  Subtract rating 0   researcher Says:

    that land that you live on has been involved in fight­ing over it for 3500 years.

    do you really believe it will end any­time soon.

    what made amer­i­cans your keeper.

    each per­son that lives in israel now receives more amer­i­can fed­eral money than each american.

    amer­ica is a failed state and will no longer be able to keep up its impe­ri­al­ism and police the world.

    amer­i­can style cap­i­tal­ism had to self destruct as it goes against every spir­i­tual law that I know of. even some reli­gious laws.

    mate­ri­al­ism and greed has to self destruct.

    amer­i­cans will not give up their super power sta­tus eas­ily they will even bor­row huge sums of money to keep its super power sta­tus intact. it is a national ego thing. ie the biggest and most feared mil­i­tary in the world.

    amer­ica is con­trolled by its indus­trial mil­i­tary com­plex and corp lobbyists.

    and to think the mid­dle class in amer­ica lined up to vote for polit­i­cans that sup­ported rea­gan eco­nom­ics. lessons learned.

    amer­ica is becom­ing a two class soci­ety. ie haves and have nots. noth­ing can stop this decline con­trary to what obama tells them.

    hope will not change a sys­tem. that has to come from the peo­ple chang­ing the sys­tem. even obama does not want to change the system.

    the sys­tem got him elected. ie got all polit­i­cans elected.

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