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Ausaf, Pakistan

American Propaganda Against
Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence

By Editorial

Translated By Mohammed Abuhuraira Akrami

30 March 2009

Pakistan - Ausaf - Original Article (Urdu)

America has said that some of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) members are assisting Taliban and Al-Qaeda. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael G. Mullen, has said that ISI has links with extremists in Afghanistan on the western borders (of Pakistan) and extremists in India on eastern border (of Pakistan).

The representative organization of the Pakistan Army Inter-Services Public Relations, while stating that the allegations are baseless, has said that the objective behind this evil campaign is to damage the reputation of our security organizations. The sincerity of how much we are against terrorism can be easily estimated by the sacrifices of our intelligence and security forces.

America’s new Pak-Afghan policy and baseless accusations against ISI demonstrates that America’s negative intentions for Pakistan and that America wishes to obtain its objective by creating insecurity in Pakistan through this propaganda. The propaganda on the existences of terrorists, particularly Al-Qaeda and the Taliban on Pakistani land, and baseless allegations against ISI is the conspiracy through which America desires to have access to Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. Further, it wishes to create insecurity in Pakistan in order to fulfill the evil desires of the Zionist lobby on one side, while it also wants to convert the war its losing in Afghanistan into a victory and dreams of obtaining particular interests.

After revealing these dangerous American objectives, it is the need of the hour in which the government should consult all the political parties and strike for the safe-guards of our national interests in order to ensure the our national security and sovereignty.



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Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence”

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    Can you trans­late this into English?

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