One of the ironies in the new Iraq is that with all of the talk of chemical weapons, many have forgotten that at just about this time two years ago, thousands of bombs were dropped on our country, the weight of which would equal all those dropped in the world's major wars.

We have almost forgotten that American troops came to our aid to deliver us from an arrogant dictator, and that they are here as liberation forces, rather than occupation forces.

The reason is that the "liberation troops" have turned into "destruction troops."

Little did we know that the capture of "Chemical Ali," one of the dictator's most ruthless lieutenants, and the criminal who used chemical weapons against Halabja, would not prevent the emergence of "Physical James" (Lieutenant James Vanzant of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force), the villain of Falluja.

They came to Iraq to look for weapons of mass destruction, but the endeavor has turned into a hunt for Abu Musab al-Zarqawi [Thought to be al-Qaeda's leading terrorist in Iraq]. Once they capture him, they will most likely create other Zarqawis to hunt down.

In the dry years of Baathist rule, our revenue went to purchase weapons or was allocated for military industrialization. But the Baathists and their military threw down their weapons as "liberation forces" began their march on Baghdad.

When things got of control, we thought U.S. smart weapons would quickly restore law and order. But the American technological mind boggled under the pressure of the resistance and threats from terrorists and saboteurs.

The most outstanding American inventions in Iraq are the high, reinforced concrete walls that sprang up in and around Baghdad in the aftermath of the occupation.

U.S. President [George W.] Bush said once that Iraq had become the first arena of the war on terror. But the president failed to tell us why he decided to take his war on terror to our country.

Isn't this one of the ironies of U.S. military thinking?