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May 2005

Both Insurgents and U.S. Forces Inflict Misery On Iraqis

May 29, 2005 // Azzaman - Iraq - English

In Iraq, car bombs are the terrorists’ most dangerous weapon, and they complement the crimes of U.S. troops, who humiliate Iraqis and violate their rights at home, on the street, at schools and in the university. The shattered corpses of innocent Iraqis that dot the streets of Baghdad and other cities are not the [Read more]

U.S. Presides Over Explosion in Drug Trafficking In Iraq

May 22, 2005 // 24 Heures - Switzerland - French

Disguising themselves as Shiite Pilgrims, traffickers have turned Iraq into a major processing and transshipment point for illegal drugs. According to the International Narcotics Control Board based in Vienna, Iraq is becoming a major drug processing and production point. This is a major slap in the face for the [Read more]