Around four month ago a scandal erupted: The America Embassy in Bahrain requested a list of all imams offering Friday prayers from government officials. There was an angry public reaction, even though most people know of the unequal nature of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and most other countries, which result in dictatorial American policies, an arrogant attitude and blatant intrusions into the domestic affairs of most other nations, particularly the small ones.

But even accepting this reality, nothing justifies the way the Bahraini government "stuck its head in the sand," completely overlooking the arrogance with which the U.S. treated Bahraini officials. To say the least, the government's reaction was disappointing. It wasn't enough that it remained silent, but it did its best to hide the American infraction, displaying a total incapacity to see the consequences of the request.

Yes, officials have an extremely limited knowledge of their sovereign responsibilities, all of which are outlined in the protocols for diplomatic relations, which define the limits put on every foreign embassy in a host country. As far as we know, Bahraini officials failed to react to this arrogant intervention into a domestic issue, the way that patriotic, Islamic and cultural considerations require them to do.

It is an undeniable truth that no small country can deal with the U.S. on an equal basis. But that doesn't mean complete surrender in the face of every American diplomatic transgression. If we do so surrender, in time those transgressions will become routine. Ruling officials should have dealt with this incident as a scandalous breach of the rules of diplomatic conduct.

Gentlemen: America is no longer the leader of the Free World, and its leaders are no longer great. The rules of the game have changed, and the biggest concern of American leaders today is how to steal from the rest of the world’s population, closely monitor those people that are 'free,' and how to ignite fires around the world in the name of fighting terrorism. After giving birth to terrorism, they never miss a chance to openly proclaim that all that they do is to protect America!!!

This is one of the bigger lies in their never-ending series of lies. Because of their [Washington's] stupidity, they have rubbed America’s nose in the mud, leaving U.S. citizens quivering in fear all the time, never feeling safe. Americans have become hated in all of the world’s societies because of their greed and stupidity. There is an evil team in running the [U.S.] administration, especially since that gang of the neo-cons took control.

Their policies are based on two pillars:

-- On the international level, they harbor this crazy desire to achieve political and economical hegemony over the world’s people.

-- On the domestic level: To propagate the psychology of fear in their own citizens to justify measures to 'protect' them from terrorism.

We now know that this foolish policy has been catastrophic for the United States. In the end, those obsessed with power (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest of Washington’s devils) will burn their country as Nero burned Rome.