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April 2006

'May God Protect Us' If America Strikes Iran

April 23, 2006 // Al-Qabas - Kuwait - Arabic

During the government of Iran's communist President Mossadegh [], Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi [] feared for his own position and popularity. The CIA realized (and so did President of the United States Eisenhower) that something had to be done to save the Shah from Mossadegh. At lightning speed, the Shah and his family [Read more]

'May God Protect Us' If America Strikes Iran

April 23, 2006 // Al-Qabas - Kuwait - Arabic

Osama bin Laden is a terrorist, a criminal, a murderer, is a vile man and has many inhuman attributes, but he is certainly not responsible for the rise in hatred toward Muslims in Europe. This hatred has emerged due to the adoption (by Western governments) of the many new measures taken to stem the flow of Muslims into [Read more]

Why Superman Lives in America

April 23, 2006 // Al-Yaum - Saudi Arabia - Arabic

The first foreign culture that I encountered, outside of classes on the Holy Koran, was through comic books. Even today, I continue to frequent movies inspired by comic books. These movies return me to my childhood. With their innocence, children are capable of experiencing the power of fiction. In this way children [Read more]

Helen Thomas: A Troublemaking 84-Year-Old

April 20, 2006 // Al Khaleej - U.A.E. - Arabic

Helen Thomas, who is of Arab [Lebanese] origin, is famous for being America's First Lady of journalism. U.S. presidents have known her as UPI's White House correspondent for 57 years, making her the longest-running White House reporter. Until recently, every president gave her the opportunity to ask the first question [Read more]

Tehran's Suspicious Quest for Greatness

April 18, 2006 // Arab Times - Kuwait - English

Iran's revolutionary regime wants to remain a recalcitrant adolescent, and refuses to mature into adulthood or a nation based on logic, which would require it to follow guidelines and keep its commitments. Since the advent of the Islamic revolution over 28 years ago, Iran has done little to adopt a common sense [Read more]

Palestinians and the Extermination of the Red Indian

April 17, 2006 // Azzaman - Iraq - Arabic

Munir al-Akash is one of the few to have written about the Puritans (founders of what has become known as the United States of America) and to have put them under a magnifying glass, on the dissection table. He did so in a study entitled "The Holy Executioners," which stands out from so many other studies with have [Read more]

Iran's Ayatollah Khameni Visits Iran's Fighting Men

April 13, 2006 // Today's Zaman - Turkey - English

The United States, which failed to accomplish its stated goals in Iraq and for this reason is facing problems both domestically and internationally, has now come face to face with Iran. As a matter of fact, Iran's situation is utterly different from that of Iraq. The U.S. which acted alone on the Iraq issue, now enjoys [Read more]
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