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September 2006

Dividing Iraq Will Spark Series of Mini-Civil Wars

September 6, 2006 // Azzaman - Iraq - Arabic

We all support reconciliation, even if only with the crumbling walls of our homes. But who can guarantee that the tribal elders meeting on this subject, the journalists, the educated people, the politicians, the public or even the violent elements will accept this project of reconciliation? Who can ensure the approval [Read more]

Iran Risks Fate of Imperial Japan

September 4, 2006 // Arab Times - Kuwait - English

IT appears that Iran has opened three fronts in the eastern Middle East. Depending on the pressure being applied to Tehran over its nuclear program, it raises and lowers the heat in Iraq, Lebanon, and the Gulf. All of these fronts have been on high alert, as Iran's confrontation with the international community has [Read more]
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