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October 2006

What Iraqis Want Americans to Know

October 27, 2006 // Al Zawraa - Iraq - Arabic

The Iraqi people are not in a coma, and when they stand no one will be able to stop them. They have elected their own government, will not accept another government and will carry on with their pledge to support it. The Iraqi people will never again accept humiliation. They will resist any attempt to bring the [Read more]

An Iraqi Prayer to Lucifer

October 19, 2006 // Al Zawraa - Iraq - Arabic

If we ever need to sum up the true meaning of disaster, we have Iraq as a case in point. At the current time, Iraq resembles and contains everything needed for a fundamental academic "disaster study" – politically, socially, economically, ideologically, and psychologically and so forth. It could be a classic case [Read more]

'It's Baghdad, Stupid'

October 15, 2006 // Azzaman - Iraq - English

The failure to halt the forced sectarian evacuation of people in Baghdad is yet another indication that the situation in the country is out of control. This shows how isolated the centers of power in Baghdad are from their surroundings, and that the only evidence of power they have left are the making of futile [Read more]

'The Iraqi Razor in America's Throat'

October 13, 2006 // Al-Ray Al-Aam - Kuwait - Arabic

Even with the leak to U.S. newspapers of an intelligence report that describes a number of American failures in Iraq , it is odd that nothing new was brought to light that wasn't already clear. And it is stranger still that given all this, the American administration remains in denial about its failures, as it has been [Read more]

What We Require from Miss Rice …

October 3, 2006 // Al-Sayessah - Kuwait - Arabic

AS we examine carefully the specter of civil war looming in Palestine, and throw in the conflict between Israel and Iranians, Israel and the Syrians, and finally between the Kurds of Iraq and Turkey ... we can get some idea of the incredible challenges facing U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as she arrives in [Read more]

Contemporary Fascism in the United States

October 2, 2006 // Argenpress - Argentina - Spanish

A Soviet-era documentary about fascism summarizes the absurd package of lies that the Nazis employed to justify their supposed superiority over other peoples on this planet, as well as their brutal crimes committed against humanity. In Germany back then, speeches about a "pre-existing need" to fight "wars of ethnic [Read more]
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