The last three months have been the worst in Iraq's history. More innocent people have been killed than even during our darkest periods.

According to official figures, at least 100 innocent Iraqis perish each day. Of course the figures cannot be trusted, as many of the victims' relatives find it unnecessary to report their deaths.

Our major cities and particularly Baghdad, now spend more time collecting human corpses from the streets than gathering garbage.

Most of these corpses don't carry identity cards and hospitals lack the means to identify them, so many are buried in mass graves. The anonymity of killer and victim makes Iraq a uniquely macabre place, the likes of which history has rarely if ever seen.

Iraqi deaths are mere figures reported by the international media in the same manner that the surge or slump in the stock market is reported. But with mortalities now in the hundreds of thousands range, the world continues avert its gaze from our plight.

Global organizations - including the United Nations - refuse to lift a finger even to condemn this genocide.

We know that international law, human rights agreements and the principles on which the U.N. Security Council was established don't condone the carnage. But we fear that the entire world is colluding against us. They stand and look and even smile, as our country and our nation are being torn to pieces.

Despite the ongoing atrocities which are of a scale almost unprecedented since the World War II, when it comes to our country, the world turns a blind eye.

Even the United States, the so-called "beacon of freedom and human rights," still talks of "staying the course" as its leaders are shaken by the ongoing massacres.

Under international law, the U.S. as an occupation force is directly responsible for the carnage in Iraq, and its leaders must be held accountable.

But it seems that the occupiers are unmoved by the rivers of Iraqi blood being shed. They have simply shut their eyes and covered their ears.

Iraq is divided now into two zones. A tiny "Green Zone" in Baghdad where U.S. officials and their Iraqi lackeys have their headquarters, and a "red zone" which comprises the rest of the country. This is where murder, forced evacuation and lawlessness rule.