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Vietnam Redux: Why Bush's 'New' Iraq Plan Will Not Work

January 11, 2006 // Al-Rai - Jordan - Arabic

When President Kennedy was assassinated in the early 1960s [1963], there were 90,000 American soldiers in South Vietnam in the form of military advisors. When President Johnson decided not to seek his Party's nomination for another term [1967], there were 450,000 U.S. troops in Vietnam, a million South Vietnamese [Read more]

Why America Treats Indians So Well, and Arabs So Badly

January 6, 2006 // Al-Ahram - Egypt - English

Think carefully if you will, about this dissimilarity: the leaders of the West, with George Bush in their lead, are competing to visit and make inroads with India and conclude transactions and agreements with her, while content to send second - or third - tier officials to lecture and offer lessons, dictate conditions [Read more]
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