WAR is the other face of politics. War – a rough, deadly and harsh business – knocks on the door when brains stop functioning. As a result, the atmosphere becomes so tense that the opponents stand firm on their positions and are even prepared to kill to defend their stand.

Only stupid politicians play this rough game without raking their brains to find a solution to the problem. For Saddam Hussein, who was stubborn and had a frozen brain, war was the only option to solve any problem. Because of this attitude, Saddam was toppled from power and ultimately hanged.

It appears that the leaders of Syria and Iran have been carried away by the illusion of their power. Why else would they anger the United States of America and invite confrontation in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine?

Faced with such challenges, the U.S. - which has learned from its experience in Iraq - will have no option but to confront them.

With the United States and Saudi Arabia exhausting every means to seek peace, Washington has launched a campaign to prepare its people and the international community for a war against Iran and Syria.

In this tense atmosphere – following the failure to find peaceful solutions to what is currently happening in Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine – no country in the Gulf region feels secure. Each of them knows who is behind the disputes and sectarian massacres in Iraq.

Every Gulf country wants peace to return, and they are keen to make sure that the region is free of weapons of mass destruction. They don’t want a nuclear-armed Iran policing the region.

Sooner or later the international community will act to end the problems in the Gulf. Using force may be a part of the solution, especially inasmuch as the latest satellites are capable of tracking the moves of Iran — including its communication and military facilities, and its efforts to smuggle weapons into Iraq.

What we are now seeing is similar to the last days of Saddam Hussein, when the former Iraqi President threatened to crucify Americans if they dared come near Baghdad.

As all efforts to find solutions have failed, and with Iran and Syria getting carried away by their illusory power, the United States has no choice but to act against them the same way it did against Saddam.

However, this time the U.S. army won’t have to enter Iran or Syria. Missiles will be launched from sea and air without giving anyone an opportunity to take a breath or avoid a dreadful ending.