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June 2007

Poland Itself Must Investigate Secret CIA Prisons

June 8, 2007 // ?ukasz Lipi?ski and Bartosz W?glarczyk - Poland - Polish

Commentary by the editors of the Foreign Department of Gazeta Wyborcza on the report of European Council on secret CIA prisons in Poland In the European Council’s report , there is no hard evidence of the existence of secret CIA prisons in Poland. Nevertheless, the accusations in the report are so severe that the [Read more]

Wolfowitz' Girlfrend is an 'Arab Sellout'

June 2, 2007 // Al-Ahram - Egypt - English

"Corruption at home and aggression abroad to cover it up," mused wartime British leader Sir Winston Churchill. "Sentiments by the bucketful, patriotism by the imperial pint; the open hand at the public exchequer ... " Churchill's insightful observation about the warped vagaries of the British Conservative Party could [Read more]
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