After American troops have isolated certain quarters in the neighborhood of Dora with concrete slabs, blocking the passage of vehicles. This is why residents now vent their fury on U.S. forces, accusing them of turning the neighborhood into a huge prison.

Dora is one of the most violent areas in Baghdad, and repeated American military forays have failed to pacify it. Residents said that at least three areas of Dora have been completely cut off, leading to shortages of food. In addition, cars aren't allowed to enter or leave these areas, making it difficult for patients to visit hospitals and shop owners to replenish their supplies.

“These measures have created lots of problems for us. We are now under fire from all sides. Mortars and bombs by rebels and terrorists continue falling on our heads, while U.S. troops have turned our neighborhood a giant prison,” said Abu Saif.

Residents now must walk great distances to reach bus terminals and it's impossible for ambulances and cars to drive patients in critical condition to hospitals.

House wife Um Mohammed said conditions in Dora deteriorate with each passing day. “We have become almost like detainees in a prison camp. There isn't any water, electricity or fuel to run backup generators,” she said.

Mohammed Salem blamed the government for Dora’s predicament. He said that even before the Americans besieged the area, the government had failed to provide residents with food rations, fuel and other public utilities.

Dora is already ringed by fences and walls, but this is the first time U.S. troops have sought to sever it with concrete slabs.

A man named Adnan Ahmed urged Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and the Parliament to order a halt to U.S. wall construction in Dora.

“We have become U.S. prisoners. Their tanks and Humvees have occupied our streets and their snipers the roofs of our homes, shooting randomly at anyone they find walking the streets,” he said.

Falah Hassan said that the practices of American forces have turned most of the population against them. “Sometimes U.S. soldiers take ordinary people - women and men who have left their homes to go shopping - to their barracks. The Americans then chain and humiliate them before they are released.

“This government pays no attention to the innocent sons of this nation who are being subject to such inhuman practices,” Hassan said.