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Before the U.S. Destroys the World

January 17, 2007 // Ahora - Cuba - Spanish

During his eight day journey throughout the Middle East, Bush continued his sowing of violence, war, tensions, and instability in the already agitated Arab-Persian region; “a king’s present”, as it was called by Commander in Chief Fidel (Castro) in his latest reflections. The main objective of this visit so [Read more]

Bush As a Prophet of Freedom

January 15, 2007 // 24heures - Mexico - Spanish

The huge crowd, which had to face multiple barriers of police and the biting cold of this January 20, had their eyes riveted on the steps of the imposing U.S. Capitol building. As midday arrived, the time had come for George Bush to take the oath. Opposite him, stood William Rehnquist, the 80 year-old chief justice of [Read more]

Bush's New Iraq Strategy is All About Striking Iran

January 12, 2007 // Al-Watan - Qatar - Arabic

Bush's new Iraq strategy is not intended for Iraq. It is really a new strategy for Iran, after the failure of Washington's dual containment policy which was designed specifically to prevent that country from obtaining The Bomb. While most predicted that the issue of Iran's nuclear program would not be taken before the [Read more]

Bush's Plan to Avenge the Iraqi National Resistance

January 8, 2007 // Al Iraq News - Iraq - Arabic

National Front for the Liberation of Iraq: Through blood, we will teach the cowboys and low-lives about our humane, Semitic morals. That crazy deviant, George W. Bush, lives in a state of hysteria and with a sense of futility. His repeated failures were reflected in the results of the recent American elections. Since [Read more]

Rebels Scam U.S. Troops with Tips on Roadside Bombs

January 5, 2007 // Azzaman - Iraq - English

American and Iraqi forces lack reliable information on imminent attacks by insurgents and armed groups. "I think they are in the dark and that most of their operations target the wrong people and areas," said a Mr. Hamed, who for security reasons didn't want to give his first name. Stories of U.S. troops arresting or [Read more]
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