Obama and George Soros

Many things are known about George Soros: he is a great philanthropist, he has an inclination for Third World countries, especially in the area of education and its foundation, Soros makes large donations to institutions of praiseworthy causes as Transparency International. But this is a problematic man, eccentric and controversial; his hate for the American head of state George Bush has become so extreme that suicide attacks that kill American soldiers leave him cold. He used millions to impede Bush’s reelection on 2004. With the same strong emotions he is spending millions for Barack Obama to win the presidency of the United States.

He was born as Schwartz Gyorgy on August 12, 1930, in Budapest Hungary. His family changed their Jewish name to Soros in order to evade Nazi persecution. In 1943, escaping from the Soviets with the pretext of being a candidate of Esperanto, his father is an authority in this difficult language, travelled to England in 1947 where he studied economics. In 1956, he emmigrated to the United States and began his career as a speculator and investor and with the talent of King Midas increased his profits in a few years. Adventurer in market speculations, he invests with success in various countries in bankruptcy such as Argentina, where his major landowning is, with 400,000 hectares and more than 160,000 cattle on the gaucho pampas. Also, he possesses various commercial centers in tumultuous Buenos Aires, hotels, and various residential complexes. His pride is in having the Torre Mayor Skyscraper building, the tallest in Latin America. Although he continues being grabbed by deals and speculations, he has moved away from the daily hustle and bustle of Wall Street.

In his pyrotechnics of the greatest speculator on the planet is a man of great prejudices, whereas he donates millions to beneficial works, it does harm. He has been the prime figure and prominent actor in diverse financial crisis that the Asian region suffered. Many Asians don’t hear the name George Soros unless their stomachs hurt, and even a prime minister, whether he be Japanese or Malay, makes the cross when his name is mentioned. Also, the Russians suffered by their own doing the swinging of the undone financial gamble during the crisis of the ruble in 1998 thanks to the horrifying magic of Soros. He was the first speculator that arrived ahead of the Golden Rule in the bag: do not speculate ever with the Central Bank.

In September of 1992, he bet on the depreciation of the Pound Sterling, causing the European monetary system to tremble and bringing the Bank of England to its knees. After waving his magic wand, his coffers grew by billions of dollars. In those days, the name Soros couldn’t be spoken in many countries.

One of his most notorious contradictions is that being of Jewish blood, he is an anti-Semite, accusing Israel, and possibly because of the hate he has for Bush, of being responsible for the intensification of antiterrorism by the Israelites. Besides being a multimillionaire, he is an anticapitalist. The Americans consider him ungrateful because after having made a great fortune in their country he has declared himself anti United States and has been baptized “Mr. Evil”, “Mr. Devil”. He wants to break all the American cultural cannons. With this purpose the great speculator of the planet has rolled the dice for someone that might be totally different to the American patron and with the same victory as his second name, he might win his candidate, Barack Obama. He is investing many millions so that he can become the next president of the United States and with his ability as financial magnate, he can also use his talent to win this speculative game.

For Soros, all is a challenge that is not risked to lose.

Obama is not a sincere orator like Martin Luther King. He is so theatrical in his discourse that is causes one to keep a close eye. Flattery is so felt that the women faint on their feet as if he were a rock singer.

I have a documentary of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, his speech did not please me, it was very theatrical, he was moving his head side to side and paused to allow opportunity for them to applaud him. He was already going for his fourth reelection; his opponent was a great figure, Thomas Dewey, a fine orator, calm and very cultured.

He lost the elections in 1944 principally because Roosevelt was associated with the triumph of World War II, but he was also made responsible for the clumsy negotiations with the Russians in the conference of Yalta, due to his senility.

The objective of this article I shall dedicate to the senator of Illinois Barack Obama, of the Democratic Party, that challenges Hillary Clinton for the candidature.

The competition is so close that one needs to prepare oneself for many surprises.