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March 2008

Spitzer Case Exposes the American Left

March 30, 2008 // Die Welt Online - Germany - German

Call Girl Scandal Spitzer Case Exposes the American Left American liberals and leftists have certainly made quite a fuss when Republicans have been involved in sex scandals! They find the current case of Democratic New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, on the other hand, to be “tragic.” This hypocrisy shows why the [Read more]

Bill Clinton for First Lady

March 30, 2008 // De Pers - The Netherlands - Dutch

“Did you ever use my slogan?” asks Alex Tolido, one of the many Hillary followers who like to help the campaign think. Meanwhile, I see that someone has hung a picture postcard in my room bearing the head of Bill with a lady’s hat and the text “Bill for First Lady.” Surprised, I ask Alex which slogan he [Read more]

Americans Say Iraqis Unappreciative of Favors

March 30, 2008 // Al Quds Al Arabi - Iraq - Arabic

Five years crammed with devastation, destruction and vagrancy. Trees burning, and breathing the Uranium-loaded air, flowing from north to south, spreading slow death all over, not distinguishing between race, gender or religion. All types of cancer are stretching and reproducing as fast as their malignant cells; like [Read more]
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