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May 2008

The Gasoline Tax Illusion

May 29, 2008 // Financial Times - Germany - German

When the hapless presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was recently asked which economist’s plan for a suspension of the gasoline tax she supported, the honest answer should have been: none of them. Clinton saved herself from embarrassment by saying she wouldn’t be dependent on economists for that situation. [Read more]

Seoul Finally Resumes U.S. Beef Imports

May 29, 2008 // The Korea Herald - South Korea - English

Import of U.S. beef will resume next week as the Korean government yesterday took the final administrative step amid widespread public opposition. Agriculture Minister Chung Woon-chun announced the new import conditions in a news conference, in which he pledged that the government will do its best to protect public [Read more]

The U.S.: A Terrorist Government That Imprisons Anti-Terrorists

May 29, 2008 // Juventud Rebelde - Cuba - Spanish

Who could doubt the misconduct of an administration that, while it makes thousands of North Americans and hundreds of thousands of citizens of other countries die in the name of a supposed war against terrorism, continues giving help to Luis Posada Carriles, fugitive from Venezuelan justice, and favoring its closest [Read more]
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