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June 2008

Bush Becomes Captive of Transnational Corporations

June 29, 2008 // Takungpao - Hong Kong - Chinese

The current world oil price has surpassed $140 U.S. per barrel. Of course, one of the most important factors is the excessive depreciation in dollar's value. However, behind the depreciation of the dollar, this phenomenon also reflects a weak U.S. government.

Borges Blues in Manhattan

June 29, 2008 // La Stampa - Italy - Italian

Vargas Llosa: “Latin Literature is now born here.” Even though it is less clean now with Bloomberg as the mayor than it used to be with Giuliani, New York continues to be a very fascinating city--the Babylon of the 21st century, a modern Babel Tower, the capital of today’s world. I have been here, in Manhattan, [Read more]

It's Obama, Stupid

June 29, 2008 // The Korea Times - South Korea

`President Obama' may be a false dawn for Koreans, since he is likely to push for further liberalization by threatening to scrap the free trade pact awaiting ratification from the legislative body.
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