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September 2008

There is No Clash of the Titans

September 30, 2008 // Globe and Mail - Canada

Yes, Americans will elect a president, one who will face both domestic and international situations of daunting difficulty, but will he enter the office with the requisite semblance of worthiness of it?

The New Money Power

September 30, 2008 // Die Zeit - Germany - German

How Peking forced its biggest debtor, the USA, to negotiate the financial crisis For weeks, the activity of Chinese central bankers in the financial crisis was barely perceptible. They didn’t emerge from cover until last Friday, when it became known that the government-owned China Investment Corporation (CIC) was [Read more]

Washington View

September 30, 2008 // The Nation - Pakistan

USA may be caught up in the web of its own problems economic recession, mounting unemployment, soaring energy crisis among others but it can only turn a cold shoulder towards Pakistan at its own peril.
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