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September 2008

Putin in McCain's Eyes

September 29, 2008 // Dar Al-Hayat - Lebanon

McCain claims that he looks at Putin and sees nothing in his eyes other than the letters "KGB," forgetting that this organization had shut its doors down over 17 years ago.

U.S. and Southeast Asia: Closing the Knowledge Gap

September 29, 2008 // The Nation - Thailand

Within the Beltway, the top concerns about Asia normally relate to relations between China and Taiwan, the security of the Korean Peninsula and sometimes the crisis in Burma. It is extremely difficult to get attention for matters beyond these few topics.

Operation Inflation Freedom

September 29, 2008 // Financial Times Deutschland - Germany - German

What Europe’s central bankers are currently contemplating is reminiscent of George W. Bush and Iraq: preemptively combating a danger which is difficult to verify. This can be a dangerous adventure. In 2003, Bush had the Iraqi government overthrown and its ragtag army routed with hundreds of thousands of troops and [Read more]
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